Friday, December 14, 2007

Why do guys give girls sexy expressions? Answered By the Real love Doctor

Hello Dear Readers of The Real Love Doctor Clinic. Oh My How Time Flies By the Minute and soon it will be Christmas, Just in 12 days or less depending on your location, the grandest festive time of the year for most countries is really here. Your Love Doctor as busy as always have been going into a lot of trouble preparing life's management as of late. No worries To all who sent their emails as I have been answering them privately too.

To all concern Our Email System has broke down and I will Change the Email To

I repeat Mail all your Life, Love And Relationships Concerns only to

For now let's go on to our next letter sender of the day.

It came from a sweet girl going to a name Vallery, Here is her concerns about real love or flirting and my answer is right in below. Let the Real Love Doctor get to work now and have your appointments ready for those who needs love advice and love tips.

Dear Love Doctor

Why do guys give girls sexy expressions?
This guy i like at work when ever i look at him or smile or laugh or talk to him he gives me this really sexy expression. and i cant even explain it. and i don't know why he does it. i hope you can help me on this.
Dear Vallery, in accordance to your letter I will make this brief and simple for you just like your love letter to me. Which is plain short and straight to the point and I really find it appealing that you did it that way as it has a rush kinda feel in it. LOL

Why do you feel this way to him can only be answered in two simple ways

1. First He is into you or he wants you, that's why he gives you the look and he tries to be sexy all the time when talking to you, guys tend to be at their sexiest when they flirt with girls they like.

2. Maybe He's really that sexy and you find him attractive, everyone has a distinct taste about how we like our partners or mate to be, YOU MIGHT JUST BE ATTRACTED TO HIM. Maybe he is really a hunk after all

there You have it, keep the love letters pouring and have a merry Christmas ahead.

The Real Love Doctor Signing Off

Till the next time our clinic opens

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