Thursday, August 30, 2007

Help my Affair with a married guy goes astray! Ask the Real love doctor and the love doctor answers

Help my Affair with a married guy goes astray! Ask the Real love doctor and the love doctor answers

Hello readers and friends, another good day for Ask the real love doctor and the love doctor answer segment isn't it? So to kick start our weekly routine let me introduce to you a good reader of ours who has been online and reading our lovely site since the first week of our existence. Let's all hide her in the name of Jenny, and Jenny has this email which I would like to give light on today:

another affair in the real love doc blog
the deadly kiss of death

" dear love doctor;

gud day, how's things going? i would like 2 ask you sumthing today that has been bothering me for a long time now. i have a relationship with a married man, i know that it is not right, but i am also not that religious so i just go with my feelings for him, he is my superbisor at our office, we have been on for more than two years, and after all those years he is thinking on breaking up with me 2 be with his family. i am broken hearted, please advice me o how to forget him. thanks will be emailing you soon, thank you very much love doctor


Hello Jenny. To tell you something about Jenny, she is a 22 year old Filipina and currently working in a small office in Manila. She has emailed me 4x now and this time after much plea, I was able to convince her to have her letter to me be put in public so I can answer them and help many.

To answer your question ms.Jenny, I will gave you two points first okay?


1. Trying to win a married person love is wrong! which ever you look at it, in society norms, in religion [even if you are not that religious] in the law and in the eyes of the family of that person. I think you are now not blinded to the fact that even you think that what you two just did is really wrong.

2. At these kind of illegal relationships, it is always the women that suffers, the wife and the mistress, and most of the time the men always came out like champions achieving trophies.

So with these two points I put out I hope you are brought back into reality and not to be put into the same dark situation that you are in now. Just be prepared because a lot of secrets from the past seems and most often always do come back to haunt you in the near future. You are still young. I know you will meet someone in the near future that will surely love and take good care of you in a nice loving relationship. For now to avoid him I will give you some tips.

love quarrel at the love doctor's blog
no point in arguing

1. Try to find a job that will put you far away from him, by this what I mean is, the distant you are with him, the faster you will forget, also try not to resign from your work if your next job is still not secure.

2. Be busy with daily activities or stuff that will eat up most of your time- this is good practice if you are trying to forget someone or curing a heart ache - just avoid over eating and watch out for over dating! A clean fun activity will do like going back to your old town for a breather or a short vacation.

Try to heal the wound in your heart and not just by forcing your self to new man, the key here is to wait.

Got the 3 tips? Well Just like anything else I can only give out advices, the one who will be doing the actions is you. I hope ladies will learn from endless shocking and always ending up losing stories of countless women falling in love with married men and ending up with the wrong relationship partners. There is someone for everyone, keep that in mind, and that his wife is that someone for him and you just can't share.

Till next time for our updates, be sure to tune in for tips, advices and anything in general about Real Love, life and relationships 101 with your host The real love doctor Mac!


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great Gift Ideas for Your Loved One #2

Great Gift Ideas for Your Loved One #2

The Real Love Doctor Gift Ideas Number 2

Hello readers and avid letter senders, before I hit another Ask the Love Doctor about love, life and relationships segment, I will give out another tips and tricks to all of you out there with partners or even just a loved one alike.

Last time out we talked about giving them some out of town or out of the country tickets beneath their pillows or enclosed in a letter of appreciation, I can only imagine the happiness one will feel to uncover that kind of gift! if you really feel a special connection with someone, or if you have fallen deeply in love with someone, many times you have gone into thinking if there are stuff you can personally give to that special someone that you love. Most of the time you just ran out of great gift ideas right? Never fear just return here once so often and the love doctor will show you great gift ideas all the time.

For today we go physical and we will tackle on the one thing that keeps everybody feel connected to the person they love, and that is the sense of touch! What else is there to boost the senses than a good touchy and relaxing back rub or better known as the back massage!

back massage in the real love doc's clinic
be gentle

Every one is stressed nowadays, with all the bustling of city life and family life, so if you and your partner do get a chance to be sitting or lying away somewhere comfortable, just shock them and start giving them a soft massage on their backs! This will work wonders on the relationship and will surely make your partner appreciative of this special gift that you have offered to them.

To get you going, I have my own techniques in doing a back rub, but for now you just need to know the general steps and info. More on back massages soon! Enjoy the info below

Setting the mood:

Before giving a massage, let the person take a hot bath or shower. This will help initiate the relaxation process. Light some aroma candles and play some soothing music to set the mood.

Massage Steps:

1: Lie the person face down on a flat, comfortable surface, such as a floor mat or firm bed.
2: Stand by his/her side, and place one hand on the lower back and one hand between the shoulder blades, over the heart.
3: Apply thumb pressure on both sides of the spine simultaneously and warm up the back. First start at the lower back and knead with your thumbs up gently to the neck area.
4: Apply massage oil with a smooth, delicate stroke. With one long stroke, slide your palms on either side of the spine going downwards to the pelvis.
5: Continue gliding your hands on other parts of the back and then on both sides of the neck to the base of the head.
6: Massage the lower back area and move up slowly to the shoulders. Place the first and index fingers of each hand on either side of the spine. Make rhythmic, overlapping movements with the fingers all the way down the back.
7: Apply pressure as if you are kneading, on the muscular areas at the top of the shoulders and the mid-back area.
8: Using your fingers, apply pressure on areas that feel tight or hard, called as knots.
9: Perform circular massage strokes, clockwise and anti-clockwise with your fingertips on the muscles close to the spine and around the shoulder blades.
10: Then gently rotate the arms, one at a time, for proper blood flow.

men's back massage in the real love doc
do em often too!

Massage Tips & Warnings
Avoid working directly on the spine. When massaging near the spine, use extremely gentle strokes without any pressure. Massage on either side of the spine instead.
When massaging, use slow movements for a soothing and calming effect, and fast movements for a stimulating effect.
Do not massage on broken skin, blisters or open areas, where there is a possibility of infection.
Make massage a relaxing experience, and do not hurry things.

Till next time!

The Real Love Doctor Signing out

source of the back massage procedure:

you can

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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Real deal about Real Love by the Real Love Doc himself!

The Real deal about Real Love by the Real Love Doc himself!

What is real love?

Hello once again my good readers, it's been a few days since you last heard from the real love doctor eh? Well I have been pretty busy up late trying to promote the blog to the widest audience possible, also I am acquiring about a dozen letters already about love, life and relationships advice and I'm doing the best I can to get them all answered. Okay to move on, I would like to thank to all of you who started to comment here, although I would really love it if you can post a name or a nickname to your comments as being called "anonymous" seems to be getting old.

I have been asked many times about my views about real love, how did someone like me became a doctor of Real Love, well to be honest to you, I don't hold any doctorate degree or any real love diplomas, I simply just happen to know the ins and outs of Real Love. Many of us would get stuck and face a big wall when it comes to love, what more so if it is real love right? So to clearly gave you my beloved readers a good insight about real love I will quote a lot of stuff for today.
real love hug
a hug of real love
There are just too many lines of words describing real love, some were even made into songs, all of the above have one thing in common though and I will show it to you at the near end of my post, for now let's read some of the famous lines about real love.

Love is patient, love is kind...

Love is patient, and love is kind,
it is not jealous or prideful
love is not rude,
it is not selfish,
it is never angry, it is not happy with evil,
love is not happy with lies, but rejoices in the truth.

Love never gives up,
love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,
endures all things.

Love never fails.

God is love.

source: the bible

Everything is clearer when you're in love.
Guilt for being rich, and guilt thinking that perhaps love and peace isn't enough and you have to go and get shot or something.
If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal.
All you need is love

source: john Lennon

Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.

source:Lao Tzu

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

Source: Mother Teresa

“The best smell in the world is that man that you love.”

source:Jennifer Aniston

I believe the key to happiness is: someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.

source:Elvis Presley
elvis on real love doctor site
the king of real love?

As We have read along some of the quotes of famous people around the course of history, many describe love as something important and as a need, well they become famous but does that give them enough authority? We have quoted the bible, but not all really think it has authority to tell what is love, so who do you really believe when it comes to telling you what real love is? Will you believe what a real love doctor have to say about love? If you are intrigue and ready to hear my say on the issue of real love then read below now.

"For me real love is just not a need to be love but unconditional love, I got this thing which pretty much sums up my idea about real love:
"Real love isn’t "I love you if you love me", that’s worldly love.
Real love is "I love you no matter if you love me or not". Real
love just loves, and hopes the best for the other, and does whatever
they can for the happiness of someone else rather than themselves."

real love on dogs
real love is everywhere, even for pets

Yes many will say "hey that is foolish and loving blindly" well for me that ain't the case, you see if you respect the authorities like your government, that is already showing real love for your country, if you care for your spouse or partner that you sacrifice a few minutes everyday to comfort them and hug them to make them feel better that is already real love, if you can take time to bath your dog because you don't want him to stink or catch fleas then you are genuinely loving your dog. All of this self less acts of love is for me real love. So my tips, the next time you truly say I love you to your partner or love one, consider first the things you did the day before or the things you were planning to do for the days ahead, if you think you have unconditional love in your radar, then congrats you have found real love."

real love content

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to start a conversation- Ask The love Doctor Mac and Love doctor Mac Answers!

How to start a conversation- Ask The love Doctor Mac and Love doctor Mac Answers!

Hello and Good day to all my avid readers, The love doctor is getting much love on our column and segments here at the Love, Life and Relationship blogs most noted is the Ask Doctor Mac and Doctor Mac answers! So far I got an overwhelming pour of letters to just about everywhere through emails, comments and even text messages. Nice very nice indeed. So keep em letters and inquiries coming. The Love Doctor is more happy to help!

Anonymous said...

ei there, can you teach us some approach or how to start a convo to some random cute/attractive/prospect girl? Not pick up line ah. For example in a PUV, MRT or waiting for the bus.


August 18, 2007 9:50 PM

So we have someone here who is a bit shy in the outside but in the inside is burning with passion to start a conversation with a girl he mets at random places. To start with, I hope you did a good job and have read my grooming tips early on my previous post! if not you can read it again here---->GROOMING!

I can offer some tips below, but the whole entire process still depends on the way you handle yourself, and of course the degree of interest you can muster out of the girl you have set your targets on. For more on women body languages just stay tune and we will surely discuss it one of these days in our Love, life and relationships segments in the coming days.
general tips on pick up lines love doctor advice!
key is smile!
general tips:

1. be decent enough! - no girl at her right mind will talk to a dirty dressed and sex maniac looking guy! so always dress well and be clean looking, you will never know when or where you might see the girl of your dreams maybe, she may be walking around your corner one of these days!

2. sport that killer smile! - when I say killer smile I don't mean a smile that will knock her off the train! just smile naturally and avoid the plastic looking ones like you see at the faces of celebrities. Be genuine enough and always practice that "U" shaped lips and face in front of a mirror. Better yet avoid thinking LUSTFUL things in your head to avoid that dreadful "rapist smile" off your face! Be natural and smile at happy thoughts like you are going to date her!

3. killer punch lines! - this may sound too cheesy and some may tell you they won't work, but I can vouch for you that they do! words like "Hey your body is a wonderland, and I'll change my name to Alice!" and "I won't buy you a drink ever, because you're a stranger and I don't buy drinks to strangers" works my friend! These punch lines when delivered well will make the girl smile and will loosen up the tension between the two of you. Normally we get nervous in approaching someone, also if the girl knew you are going to approach her, she too will be tense and nervous and most of time won't know what to do next. Punch lines erases all of that. Think of it as a great title on a silly website, it gets you to read the content doesn't it? I will provide some killer punchlines that have worked for me through the years, with them came the technique and proper executions that I will soon tell all of you my avid readers of this Love, Life and relationship blog! Stay tune in future posts!

4. Be fluid! - once you and the girl exchanges smile then it's time to show her the deeper you. Act and be intelligent, if you're not that intelligent at least cover it with wittiness! Talk about relevant topics usually ranging from the place that you met. "Boy is today hot! I have showered twice this morning and I still feel icky!" or "It took me an hour the last time I tried picking a taxi in this spot, silly me, I didn't notice the preying traffic enforcer a few meters behind my back" Conversation like this make things go fluid and at ease.

So there you have it the early spot on stuff to do to get the girl talking back to you. Remember there are many factors regarding this topic, but I will provide infos as soon as I can, also note that I didn't include how to get the girls number or give away your number right? This issue is a different story by itself and I will focus on it soon in a future post. So for now, practice practice!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I need space! Ask the Love Doctor/ Love Doctor Mac answers! 2

Ask the Love Doctor/ Love Doctor Mac answers!

Another fine day to all of you! We're back with our new letter for the week. I choose this letter out of about 6 because I was encouraging folks to comment and join in the discussions, So this guy did just that! and because He did He will get Love, Life and Relationships 101 tips from the Love Doc. Here's his letter:

"got a big problem hir guyz just dont know what 2 do anymore im just starting to dislike my girl im just tired of her trips and attitude but damn i just cant leave her it fells like im in hell w/o her my best budd tells me that this the point were in we both need space but we both cant give it to each other for an unknown reason hope you could give some tips i have many more to say.... till next time - LuNaTiV_0829"

Hello there LunaTiv, Firstly I would like to welcome you in here and thank you so much for the courage to come out in the open and tell the Love Doctor about your relationship problems. I will waste no time in giving you a sound advice for today okay? But the results is still really up for you to achieve. So with out further ado some tips from your in-house Love Doctor!

reckindle the flame in love and relationships by the love doctor
not talking?


1.Communicate!- Early part of your relationship with your girl I'm betting that both of you were heavy chatters right? Talking about each others life, experiences and mainly topics to get to know each other the better. Why not do it all over again? This time around talk about future plans or new found interests between the both of you. The chain in a good relationship is good over all communication! So take time, have a seat in a park or in a place where both of you will share a minimum of an hour a day to just talk! Talk a lot. I do this too with my girl, we chat on coffee and we end up laughing our ass off always and I always look forward to her nice coffee making skills in the morning and in the afternoon. For something new, never take the moment conversation out of the coffee talk, What I mean is, what is it that you and her talking for that talk moment stays during that time and never strays to another time of day or the next hours after your chatter with her. We always talk about politics and stuff in the news for example, then after the coffee talk, we never talk about it again till the next time we sit and have coffee again!

2.Bond like glue!- Most often times relationships and love goes stale because the lack of bonding, most times too we just can't seem to take the other partner's trips or likes as what you said in your letter... "im just starting to dislike my girl im just tired of her trips and attitude"... this comment came from someone who never bonded with his/her partner. The stuff that binds us in a good relationship is love right? But if Love goes wrong and boring the foundation or "glue" will not be strong to keep things in tack. That is why a good bonding trip should happen. First talk to each other and plan a certain activity that the 2 of you will surely enjoy! Most women like to see nature or travel to places. So if you can afford a trip around Asia go on travel, [visit here for an Asian Travel Guide!] or better yet have a cheap adventure and drive around the next town and see places you too have never been. The misadventures and the bondness these trips can bring will do wonders for the relationships and it will save it! Remember the key here is to have an activity that both of you enjoy, a guarantee success of good lovers bonding in a happy event is what I promise you if you will be able to pull this one off.

So before you decide on harsh decisions and that dreadful
"NEED SPACE" excuse, why not try the 2 tips I did. I am hoping that my 2 easy tips will save your lost interest to your girl, remember it was you the guy who came into the life of your girlfriends, bother the living hell out of them and it is not just right to leave them just then and there, make an effort to be in love with her again just like the effort you did a while ago in making her love you back!


"we both cant give it to each other for an unknown reason hope you could give some tips i have many more to say"

Dude I'm no psychic, just tell me the whole thing and we will discuss it here okay?


keywords: love, relationship, Need space, coffee break, Talk, communicate, bonding, love doctor


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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Seduction Tips #2 Clothes

Seduction Tips #2 Clothes

Clothing for men

In a relationship to be? Love at first glance? Already started dating? Let the Real love doctor help you on this matter.

Hello readers and once again good day to all. Another busy day in the clinic and lately I have a surge of emails pouring in. To those who mailed, don't you guys worry, the love doctor is here to answer your relationship, love and life inquiries even if it takes me a long life time to do all of it! So unto our next seduction tip. Clothing for men!

On our first tip on grooming we specifically point out the importance of clean decent clothes to be worn not only at work but on a daily basis when you leave the house. Why? Because we can't be too sure if Mr. Right for me or The Girl of your dreams might suddenly pop up out of nowhere. The next topic is clothing style for men. Yes clothes, it's a basic necessity of our everyday life so why not add it to your appeal to women. If your middle aged or even in the late teens, don't you think its time to rid of the "youngsters look" all in all? What I mean is the hip-hop culture or the emotional punk rocker days must be left behind! But if you prefer to remain in these so called years then I can't force you to totally commit and do a transformation. One thing I learned after college is when I rid of my rocker look, more women came up to me and I started to feel confident too. I don't have the weird looks I use to get at trains and subways when I do public transport, I started to do my own individual style of wearing my favorite clothes. Yep it is still on, individuality is still king in the modern world, but you have to make sure your individuality taste is still in the norm. Why? because in general most of the population is in the norm, it's basic marketing sense that if you sell to the mass general public that you tend to grab the big sales and these sales means a lot of eyes of women that will find you attractive.
simple yet elegant look for the men, love tips and relationship tips by love doctor mac
simple yet elegant is still trendy

Clothes if you are already dating or in a great relationship not only projects your image, but along with your partner, the two of you will show to the world to what type of a couple are you. Decent formal, clean pressed clothes will tell the public that both of you may have stable jobs or that you both came from well brought up family, while rugged and dirty looking "drags" will convey a sense of rebellion or worse lower status in the society, so you better be careful in what you wear so to not to shame your partner. It's viral if you don't know yet, if your partner dresses decently, you will somehow get infected and pretty soon your preference on clothing is due to change to decency too. That's the good in a well developed relationship.
elmo in relationship advices, love tips and life by love doctor mac
elmo says you don't have to be emo anymore

different styles of clothing to attract varies from one person to another depending on the individual's height and weight. It's just basic common sense that is needed to avoid the pitfalls of bad clothing. For example, wearing dress shoes and black socks on running shorts or cargo shorts make you look like a grandpa disaster [what a term!] and having to wear tennis shoes on corporate wear is somewhat dumb! Every clothing has it's own do's and don'ts but the thing that stands out the most is COLOR!. Color blending is my term on this one, if you're dark toned in skin, then it is adviceable to avoid pastel colors and neon colors, they will surely make you look like a lollipop holder or a tootsie roll on crack, instead go with the near shades of black and white to grey and lightly toned colors of the rainbow. When I say rainbow, the basic colors or elementary colors compromising the spectrum is just made up with the Red, Blue and Green, wear light versions of these colors to help promote eye rest when people stare at you. If you are whiter in complexion like me, then pretty much all colors are in favor for you to wear. Just make sure to always wear the basic colors or singled color shirts because they tend to bring more attention that those flowery or graffiti types, worse are the stripes [we ain't no zebra's! stripes only works if your super thin or super fat or super short or super tall] Stripes are good too sometimes and on ocassions but I don't recommend them to be worn often.
zebra's in relationship love advices and tips by doc mac
we zebras should watch out for em lions

The key ingredient here is simplicity. A simple colored clothing when a catchy small graphics or a tag line is enough to draw attention. Don't forget once you got that female looking at you to smile and be your at your best confidence, because this is your first step in getting to know her. You have already done the part of selling your biggest advertisement, your self and your clothes.
Clothes need not be expensive to stand out, it just have to be worn properly and appeal to more people together with your self. You must be confident enough to wear a certain clothes for it's seduction magic to work. With this tip number 2 on relationship, love and life advices I can guarantee a few glances from the opposite sex coming your way!

till next time avid readers good day
Love doctor Mac signing off!


keywords: seduction tips, romance, relationship, love, life, tips

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Gift Ideas #1

Gift Ideas #1

For Relationship and Love Spicer from the Love Doctor himself!

Hello avid readers and good day to all of ya! One thing I noticed from our site is the lack of comments, come on guys move out of the shadows and start talking, I receive about a thousand page views a day from around 60-70 viewers all around the globe yet no one even dare chatters? Well how about those who knew me well to come out and chat the way in the comments box, yes if you happen not to find it , it's way below after each post.

Well I received an email last night, even though it can be categorized as a "Ask the Love Doctor" or a question for me , I decided to just let it slide since the mailer doesn't want to be named and for obvious reasons that her email is just a one liner. Yep our letter sender is a female, I guess my post about the tips on finding a few good men really pays off! She was just asking around and in one short sentence as me if what is it that I think is a good gift idea for her boyfriend, this came after her year long relationship with her current boyfriend, she just about ran out of good ideas. Girl if in a year you have gave your guy about more than a dozen gifts or an average of more than twice a month, then I will tel you frankly that you have over done it, maybe that's why you are just about to ran out of gift ideas to gave to him because you plainly just about gave him everything!

gift giving on real love doctor's site
remember you ain't santa!

This issue of gift giving will be tackled in detailed soon in our upcoming Love and Relationship tips and advices, for now I will just answer the girls' inquiry.

Simple enough there are limitless gifts to give to your loved one and you bet I can't count them all, but the usual chocolates and letters and flowers seems to be redundant right? Then why not go to the extreme! Yes to the extreme! So my gift giving ideas will be extreme in nature and will always focus on the stuff that your lover might not expect at anytime in your relationship, may it be early on or later on.

For starters I assume a one year relationship is somehow long enough for the two lovers to be intimate to each other and the trust should be now flowing, so a trip to another town, city or even another country can be very bonding to both of you! Why not go to your travel agent and inquire about pricing of a certain country [only if you have enough and can afford!], or if better yet you can go check this site and visit ASIA!!! ---> <--- seriously once I slid a travel map of an out of town adventure full with iterenary and to do list on a brown envelope in one of my past girlfriend, to my surprised she looked so shocked and can't stopped kissing me for hours. So the trip happened after months of planning we really go on an adventure in one of the secluded Island of the Philippines, and it was the blast!

So for a gift idea I recommend you do something like what I did before, be creative and do it at your own way, I can only suggest the tips and advice but the implementation and tasks is still in your hands!

Till next time CHOW!!!
the love doctor signing off but i will be waiting for your comments!

YOU CAN COMMENT HERE!!!! <---------

keywords: girl, relationship, love, gift ideas, travel, tips and advice


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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For Women Love Tips Number 1

A few Good Men!

For the Girls, Relationships, Love and Life Tips for Women #1
Places to meet those Mr.Right for me.

Ah You might probably ask why on earth are we looking for Mr. Right when he doesn't actually exist! well not to burst your bubble girl he does exist, but only as "Mr. Right For you!" why as just for you? because there is always a someone for anyone, the only thing we need to do is look for them and not be like those hopeless romantics who wait for their Prince falling down from the sky or sprouting from the ground out of nowhere. Men are territorial creatures, and just like the time of the stone age, Men can be categorized to the places he usually hang out. I will give further details about this stuff on future issues, for now we shall concentrate on where do most of the few Good men hang out!

where could he be?
like a grain of sand, where are the few good men?

Before we jump into the topic of finding the few good men on building relationships or finding love, let me tell you this. As a guy I already know what the entire world is like, and that women outnumbered men, hmmm i don't know the exact figure but last time I check it was like a ratio of men versus women to the numbers of 1:5, which basically means in every one guy there are five women. Nature is a culprit for this because of the chromosomes needed in the DNA to produce a male offspring. During conception, where the mom and the dad share one chromosome each, it takes 2 genes of DNA x to have a male and any other combination like x-y, y-x, y-y will eventually produce a female. No wonder in other countries a son born to a family is accompanied by tremendous celebrations! I think the ratio now tends to worsen since the female species have gays, transsexuals and any other male preference to compete with! No kidding. So there you have some little facts not to get your ass sitting there if you really want a man in your life, go find him and don't let those countless hours you spent in the mirror or millions of bucks for beauty products just go to waste by either finding no man in your life or ending up with Mr. Wrong.

Now where do the few good men hang out? Well to tell you a little known fact is that they don't hang around the Internet! Even though
a million women may claim that they find the man of their dreams online, I doubt it if they have any idea to how many perverts, nerds, over sized lards preying on helpless women are there in the web, I don't even know the figure but with all the bad rep in the news about online dating and online match making the Internet is still not a good place to seek a few good men. To those who got lucky in the Internet, then good for you, the word says it all. LUCKY. Real men who are worthy of your time don't need to sulk up in the Internet for more that 1 an hour a day in the Internet or if work requires even an 8-9 hour shifts on the net, why? cause like TV the Internet takes away his social life. Real men who are ripe for good relationships and love making are everywhere where there is people, these guys are social creatures. A healthy normal guy is a social person. They love to go out and meet people on all walks of life, and not wasting their time in the net, watching porn or doing some stuff many of us don't understand [why do many fall into the traps of Internet addiction? we can only wonder what they are doing in that hell hole!] Yes, real man that could be Mr. Right For You can mostly be found in Social, well beloved and people packed places! if you want to know what are the Places I'm talking about I will give you just a few list soon as I will continue to tell you
about where to seek real men in future post. For now I will suggest a good meeting place!

The Ball Arena!!!

Go where men are!!!
act like a good crowd

It's simple. Men thrives and dies for competition. So in the real world today where can this place of competition be? Well for one is the workplace, but hell no you don't want to seek your Mr.right there! These places can be found in SPORTS ARENA or typical venues where sports are played! It's a fact that real men love sports. There are many types of sports, be it boxing, wrestling, bikes and other physical dangerous stuffs but nothing appeal more to men that BALL SPORTS. Do your research but the top ball sports are these FOUR---BASKETBALL,
BASEBALL, SOCCER and FOOTBALL/RUGBY. So go cheer for your favorite team, bring along a companion, when I say a companion it means only one! Men sometimes tend not to approach a herd of women, so at least a nephew or a close friend will do, best if she's a girl too. Sit somewhere in the general admission area or if you can afford after the ringside seats, then try to look fresh and act naturally. Mostly guys go with their friends too but most of them go with their buddy, so If one of these few good men spot you and you advertise your self right by carrying the right moves and wearing the right clothes for the occasion [casual wear or sporty, no need for expensive dresses in a ball game] then they might just will make a move to get to know you. Also don't wait till half time to buy drinks or food at the stalls, if your Guy stands up and heads for the comfort room then you too should stand up. Just make sure you are always on his radar or just around the vicinity, if he is into you he will do the right move and introduce himself to you. Don't frustrate if it takes you a couple or more games till some guy approaches, everything takes time.

dress sporty
dress sporty!

That's it for today's relationship tips by your love doctor!

keywords: relationship tips, love, life, love doctor, few good men, women, ball games.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Love Tips:1 for MEN

Love Tips:1 for MEN


Another day in the

Real Doc's Love, Life and Relationships blog

. For today we will be reading about our first ever Love Tips for the record.

Well I don't only have a lot of Love and Relationships tips but I do have a bundle! So to kick off let's take Tip number 1

During the course of the pre-relationship era or if you and your gal are just starting out may it be a couple of months or just a few weeks


Why? Read on!

She might be a golddigger
not only 'em pirates wants a piece of me gold!

As your relationship goes deeper it is normal for a couple to share income woes or budget woes or better yet budget happiness if one of you or both you is financially stable. I've seen couples share a bank account or even take turns in the household expenses, BUT a big BUT! please avoid sharing your networth early on the road.
If you are just dating or you and her are in the early stage of getting to know more each other, please let go of talks about money or your income, you can be the next Bill Gates or damn broke as the next Mike Tyson but really she doesn't have to know yet...
Let the relationship start out with her digging you first and not your goldmine [if ever you have one!]
Buy her stuff she fancy if you're well off, and if you don't overdo them, and she starts to avoid you, the BETTER. When from the start she asks for stuff or she don't like, you and her hanging out in a cheap diner then these are tell tale signs that this chic could be a GOLD DIGGER.

The Good side is when she'll take you for who you are and what you are as a person and not your bank account, it'll be nice if she can split the bill in sometimes but you'll know you're worth more than money right? So if it's still early keep those GREENS in your wallet and don't show off too much.

You'll thank me later.


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Friday, August 10, 2007

What are they Thinking? Men and Women


For today since we have no Letters pouring in for our Ask Dr.Mac/Ask the love doctor segment, we will just enjoy a good site review and some few laughs about an article I find in that site. This Topic is not way off topic mind you and we are still dead on Love, Life and Relationship Tips from your good Love Doctor!

That site is no other than the quirky blog of some guy in the vicinity of Metro Manila

A Blog about Girls in the Philippines

Here's a few nice pics from his site which I will show here.

The female mind
if you can spot the sex gland then you have great eyes

the men's brain
if you can't find the sex gland then see an eye specialist! NOW

It's a really funny site and shows you the HUMOROUS side of the Philippine folks, or more commonly known as the pinoys!

See you next time. Good day

keywords: Love Doctor, Male Brain, Female brain, Love, Life and Relationship Tips

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Real Love Doctor How To's

How Everything Here Works?

Once Again Good Day everyone,

The Love Doctor will provide instructions today on how our lovely little site works, how to help me promote it to grab user attention and how to get something out of it for free. Yep no fees, the wealth of information around here is already paid to you by our sponsors, and no collection of whatsoever nature will occur. So joining in our discussions, reading and distributing articles and blog post here is totally free for you to do. I can only ask a favor, bring a friend in here by promoting the site, be it in forums, or chats, links, or emails or by word of mouth is up to you. But I still believe in FREEDOM, and if you don't like to promote the love doc then it's still fine by me.
love doctor checking
To start we shall know our schedule of postings.
I am a busy man but I will surely try to keep this site up and running for a minimum of twice a week and a maximum of five times a week.
So thats a 2x-3x the average post per week, depends on how the letters and queries from our audience comes in. This will be our early tentative schedule for the months to come, any revisions will be announce as soon as things come up.

1.Ask Dr. Mac/Ask the Love Doctor segment---Every Mondays and Fridays
description = letters address to the doc will be evaluated and queued and answered on the said schedule

2.The Doctor is In-------------Every Saturday
description = health issues and tips from specialists regarding diseases cause by life, love and relationships. Nutritional tips to avoid stress and make your love life better

3.Advices and Tips------------Every Wednesday and Sunday
description = General advices and tips on broad topics from Life, Love and Relationships

4.Stories and Love Experiences--Every Sunday
description = Once in a while the love doctor will share his life stories or He might share stories from our visitors and readers and we will openly discuss them during this time

5.Site Issues and Topics--------Every Tuesday
description = Site topics and general info like this one will be tackled every Tuesdays only

love doctor mac

As you can see everyday of the week is featured but the good doctor can and will only take 2-3 task per week on average, so some segments will be alternated to the following week.

To help support this site, there can be many ways. The most effective can be the LINK EXCHANGE, or advertising the Love Doctor site as a link from emails, websites, forums etc. the site link is


If you want a backlink to you since you help promote this site then feel free to email me my email is

And lastly a good promotion can't be help without the word of mouth. Tell everybody you knew that can benefit of this lovely site, either by calling, texting, email or chat or even your friends in a forum. Advertise us everytime you comment on any related sites so people there can visit us here too. The more the clinic is promoted, the more peeps we can have as part of our discussions.

Again, thanks for your time and dedication to be part of all of this.

Love Doctor Coolmac No P.H.D

keywords: love doctor, Mac , life, love and relationships, advices and tips, how the site works? , email me

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ask Dr.Mac and the Love Doc answers! first letter

Hello and Welcome to our first ever segment of Ask Dr.Mac and the Love Doc answers!

And for our early bird I have received a comment post with a letter in it in just 2 days after this sites' been up. Talk about fast, and so he so unanimously deserves to be my first ever letter sender and he will receive first hand the answer to his queries.
You too can join and be a part of the discussions by commenting on the Love advices segments. We are going to answer 2-3 letters a week so if I receive a bundle, it means that the line to the Doc's office will be long and your queries will have to wait.

For a free "based on real life" no kidding professional like advices, tips and Love topics, Just ask the Love Doctor, Doctor Coolmac No P.H.D. Mail me or indicate in a comment a quoted letter, then go get a number in the front desk and wait for your number to be called. ^_^.

The email is

And now to our patient:

let's just call him by name Junior. This letter is by no way edited what so ever to show you I never sugar coat stuff in my clinic, if times do arise to provide clarification to your letters and stuff, I will do so by putting the translation, correction and clarification inside a brace comment [ edited stuff here ] so still your stuff will be left unedited and your creative way of expressing yourself still intact!

Good day love doctor,

I have this crush for such a long time now.
Since i was committed back then, i dont nurse the feeling that i think im falling for her.
When i went to a get together last night, to my surprise she was there.
Its actually my/our first time to meet in a get together/drinking session
so i was a bit hesitant to make a move.
I dont want to be like arrogant and cocky in her eyes since its just our first time.
I didnt ask for her cell number w/c i could have done coz i can remember her
saying, "at last somebody texted me".
From that i could have simply as for her number but again, [could you prolly mean "ASK"?]
i dont want to be quick. Also shes telling her friends that she wants to eat this and that,
i could have accompany her to eat but then again i dont want to be quick again.

My main concern here is im having doubts that ill pass on her standards.
She got brains and beauty. I mean, she a teacher.
I dont know if i can coupe up with her "intellectuality" [coping a feel? don't be a perv. oops you meant to say compete there eh mate?]
and i dont want to act smart and just be plain stupid in the end.

Any tips on how to break those barriers?

Hope you can help me.

"shyness the only barrier to shagness"

Well let's break your letter into pieces to slowly grasp what your trying to visualize me and our audience here, then we will put everything together for you and show you some light on the subject of LOVE and DATING -_-

Good day love doctor,

I have this crush for such a long time now.
Since i was committed back then, i dont nurse the feeling that i think im falling for her.

A crush is a crush, commitment is a different thing. You don't need to nurse a crush feeling because to tell you the basic thing, you just like the girl. She falls into your "attractive" category so no problem there. It's pretty normal to have people of the opposite sex as our "crush, fantasy or attracted to". Yeah really, it's not cheating nor immoral. It's a basic human feeling.

When i went to a get together last night, to my surprise she was there.
Its actually my/our first time to meet in a get together/drinking session
so i was a bit hesitant to make a move.

Many believe in destiny, and it's funny how timing can play a major part in some people lives, but most of the time people just over react. So what if you saw her there? or She bumped into you in a train? or if you and her suddenly showed up in a work interview? The truth is we all live in planet earth, and earth, although a gigantic piece of a planet houses all humans, the possibility of meeting someone we knew somewhere, some place and sometime is not ZERO! unless if she lives in Mars. The big problem is in the last part of your dissected letter,

so i was a bit hesitant to make a move.

Why? Don't you want to get to talk to her again after all these time? Why were you so hesitant? To make yourself feel all so confident again you resort to the "destiny" trick, the " oh we finally met again after such a long time crap!" Next time, when it comes to this so called "chances" we as MEN must not hesitate. I will explain the importance of taking things into your hand in future posts of mine, but for now if you consider yourself a MAN, don't hesitate! Always GO FOR IT, GO FOR THE KILL! ehem I mean GO FOR THE GOAL! Losers hesitate, Winners never wait!

I dont want to be like arrogant and cocky in her eyes since its just our first time.
I didnt ask for her cell number w/c i could have done coz i can remember her
saying, "at last somebody texted me".

Now this is confusing, if you mean to say that this is your first time to be close to her in a conversation type of way, then you won't look arrogant and cocky! but if this is the second or the many times she have seen you in a lifetime, then maybe not talking to her makes you arrogant and cocky! To all MEN reading this, the notion that girls think that a guy that approaches women with confidence and style is purely A MYTH. When women say "Wow you're so cocky!" these are defensive measures and can swing both ways. Women when approached by a guy can only think of 2 things she can either have a good thought or a bad thought. So when she say you're cocky or act like you are some fresh, cocky and overconfident dude, she can only be thinking 2 things The good = if you fall for this, then you're not man enough" and the bad = "My God what a jerk!". The latter only applies to real jerks [ see the MV of Pretty Fly for a White Guy ] and from the way I read you Junior I hope you don't fall into that category, Women make tests to see if the men in front of them is really that MANLY enough to be attractive, I will explain more about this in future posts, for now all you need to know is you won't look arrogant and cocky if you approach your crush.

I didnt ask for her cell number w/c i could have done coz i can remember her
saying, "at last somebody texted me".
From that i could have simply as for her number but again,
i dont want to be quick. Also shes telling her friends that she wants to eat this and that,
i could have accompany her to eat but then again i dont want to be quick again.

All these assumptions and confusions are a direct results from what I said previously. All your questions and assumptions can be summarized into one whole sentence: "WHY OH WHY DIDN'T I APPROACH HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.??? [insert regret, regret regret here and more regrets here"]

My main concern here is im having doubts that ill pass on her standards.
She got brains and beauty. I mean, she a teacher.
I dont know if i can coupe up with her "intellectuality" [coping a feel? don't be a perv. oops you meant to say compete there eh mate?]
and i dont want to act smart and just be plain stupid in the end.

Any tips on how to break those barriers?

Hope you can help me.

Now I find this part really funny and sorry if I had to laugh out hard at them Junior, but I guess it's the only way to show you the hard truth and hard facts of the Society today.

My main concern here is im having doubts that ill pass on her standards.

Well you won't pass anyway if you won't take her test, and the way to fill up for the entrance exams is to go talk to her period.

She got brains and beauty. I mean, she a teacher.

Don't tell me you got no brains? You an alien? of course not, SO what if she's a professional? there are some out there who married a model/actress/millionaire and they are just plain guys or worse yet, sleazy bum holes of society. This ain't an excuse man.

I dont know if i can coupe up with her "intellectuality"
and i dont want to act smart and just be plain stupid in the end.

This is no time to compare GPA's and SAT's, this is life, in life brain will mostly get you on top but staying on top takes more that that, if you think negatively always then there will be less hope for you, A MAN is a man of confidence and HE WON'T show his weakness ever. If you think she is more intelligent than you, then it's time to show her that you're wiser and streetsmarter than her. Or you can share your life's adventure which can peak her interest at you. It's all about getting her to talk with you. Your goal here is to get her to talk to you, and not by the phone or by texting, But real face to face chat. I will provide tips on this later.

Any tips on how to break those barriers?

Hope you can help me.

I do have tips and it will follow on the next segments to come here in our site so you better be on your toes and check on here always

And I can only do so much to help you, but everything is still in your hands and how you handle the next situations to come.

For better help I will give you some sample advice so you will gain confidence in approaching a girl.

get her to talk to you

1. Look Good Feel Good

Groom your self, read my grooming posts, then practice at a mirror the way you talk, walk and interact. If you have time watch some James Bond films and copy the way Mr. Bond handles himself when talking to women.

2. Walk the walk

A real man walks with confidence, no slouching and crouching, not so fast, not so slow. Learn it! Relax.

3. Talk the talk

A real man talk with confidence, not so fast, not so slow, not so loud and absolutely not so soft! Also talking comes with eye to eye contact and no cleavage peeking for crying out loud.

4. Mannerisms and gestures

A real man is not careless but takes calculated/simulated/fully automated and confident moves. The man with the right moves will magnetize chics in a snap of a finger. The best example I can show you is James Bond and the worse can be The Hunchback of Notre Dam. Borat seems to be getting there but Boy George is what to avoid in copying good gestures and mannerisms.

5. Lastly Everything is believable

A real man looks like HE CAN BE TRUSTED! and not like a con-artist or someone who will rape a girl due to his super confidence. In other words HE WON'T APPEAR FAKE AT ALL. This takes practice mind you, so what are you waiting for, practice them all now.

And once you got the hang of it, try approaching your friends with your newly found confidence, they will be the first to notice your change, then try approaching and talking to someone you knew but never get the chance to be close. Any age will do. Any family member or close relative that you haven't got the chance to talk or interact with will be great practice.

Remember your first step is confidence and self-esteem.

Here's an additional tip, Women always notices the men's height first, so if you are tall then you are already above the rest, if not then you will have to work on the second thing they notice about us and that's our gestures/mannerisms. I will work on the psychology of the women's mind as well as the men's mind in the future posts.
For what i have read from your letter Junior it looks like you haven't made any of the two above. As we put our selves on sale for the rest of the world those two stuff is our marketing slogans and advertisements.

Hope some of my comments here will help you gain confidence as this is the only stuff customizable and can be improved through practice. Your face and Height and body built requires much hardwork and operations to change but your confidence is just improveable in 2 weeks minimum in my "experience"

Till next time goodluck!

keywords: women, men mannerisms and gestures, crush, self-esteem, confidence, Tips

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

How to attract the opposite sex tip 1 GROOMING continued...


Now to continue on our topic of grooming. WE SHOULD start for MEN

Women comes in later in the next updates!
Let me tell you a secret that most women possessed, they judge men at the instant they see you. Yes that's a fact. Ask a woman close to you, like your mother, sister girlfriend or girl friends. The very first thing that majority of women, [why did I say majority? because I want to generalized but not conclude stuff by myself ^_^], do when they see an eye candy of a man is how neat he looks. Secondly she will look at his actions and mannerisms. For now since the first impression states for how neat you look, we shall only focus there.

Most women spend countless hours in front of the mirror to have themselves looking good, don't you think you can be at least hygienic? Shave everyday or 3x a week seems appropriate if you want to save that rugged style [ boy! the Beattles Sgt.Pepper era is long gone back in the 60's] Wash your hair or trim it 4-6 weeks or so, if you want to sport long doo's then make them look presentable, use deodorant's [no need to stress the importance factor here], wash your genitals for crying out loud! [what more can be embarrassing than when mr.hardy makes his grand showing and flies were circling all over him] wait these are just the basics!

More complex stuffs are cut the nails of your hands and feet or if you want em long clean those dirty crap underneath them [women likes to check men's nails when they stare at your hand], make sure your socks and shoes wont smell by applying foot deos on your feet, clean your shoes, press em clothes and wear a clean pair of shirt or underwear everyday [not much for pants since you can wear them twice the minimum ^_^]. Now if you go for those minority looks like a rocker perhaps or an EMO kid, then make sure you have a clean looking face and the look doesn't make you look like a greasy street bum.

DOnt look like them anymore
oh those were the days

Such detail to your self is already a big piece of the pie for women when you start off to make that very first impression of yours. Even if you are not so good looking or just an average Joe, there will be times when your confidence will be boost by feeling clean and [feeling] handsome.

here's a few general tips:

1. GO TO A HAIRSTYLIST: instead of the usual barber, go to a hairstylist often. they make hair doo's customization the best and they always seem to know what they are doing unlike those sleazy barbers who cut and cut all day to copy Hitler's bowl head. the only downside is Saloons and Hairstylist cost more even thrice the price of a simple barber cut, but the rewards will be gold, as a good hair day will surely not keep the chics away!

2. SHAVING: hair and hair growing on places they aren't design to be must be taken off, the more skin you show, the lesser hairs you keep, that's the rule of the thumb. If you don't want to lose that goatie, then trim it to an acceptable level. Pubics are best when trimmed and nicely cut to a few centimeters. As I said, gone are the days of the hippies and John Lennon wannabes, stick to the George Clooney look or the Brad and the Beckhams' as other's want to point out.

3. GLASSES: nerd! well don't be. generally glasses don't look good. isolated cases of cuteness can be achieved but most of the time you will look like a weird science project with a pair of specs, so lose them! wear contacts instead. If you think contacts are pricey, then ask a lady friend or a trendy gay guy to what shape of specs suits your face.

4. DRESS CODE: this is the second most important thing in your look. Go to a fancy club or pub and spy on the newest thing that most guys wear, then make an effort to emulate but be sure to make your self stand out for that individuality feel. If it suits your body and image, buy latest mags and look at what good-looking models wear and ask a woman or a woman at heart if the dress code you styled your self looks good on you. A second-third opinion works best only if they come from the opposite sex, since these are the species you wanna impress!

ABS is better than AB
5. WORKING OUT: if you can, take advantage of making your body have the right curves and lose that AB and have em ABS. these appeals to women more, but hey if you can accept what you see at the mirror when you look at it after shower, then I don't have to force you on working out. Go grab that supersized FastFood Meal and kill your image and your self fatso! Remember being fat is not appealing to women, they may say your cute but they won't sleep with you! And don't be the next Schwarzenegger too, unless you are trying to attract dudes and not dudets =P
Everything in moderation my friend.

6. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY/MIND/SOUL: the most important part of grooming. if you have a disease, have it treated right away with the right stuff and not crappy myths. You can't use a deadly smile if you have lousy teeth and you can't show skin if you have skin problems wont you? also take care of your mind, don't overdue everything, like talking too much, showing too much knowledge unless you're a geek in National Geographic, or stalk some girl. Focus and keep your mind at a healthy state [I don't know, do yoga or have a vacation but always keep in mind to keep that stress level low, eat properly]. Your soul must not rot in hell here on earth, don't be a friggin' war freak, be nice and kind or at least for a few hours in a day. Be nice to children and offer seats to the ederly, when your personality is okay women tend to magnetize straight into you.

clean guykorean clean guy
ever wonder why chics dig these types?
There, those are just general tips on grooming for men, of course there are more to it, but if you have all of those then you can pretty much say you have covered the basics in making it easy to attract or find your potential mate. If you are hard headed and a rebel, oh so you really want things to go your way, then make it in moderation and don't go to extremes which can make you a deviant of society.

For your information being in the norm or the accepted is a start for you. That's why it's called normal and accepted because people generally like it or are pleased with it. So if you tend to sway a bit to the left or right, just tone it down to an acceptable firewall level.

Next grooming for women.... SOON

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