Tuesday, October 30, 2007

50 real reasons why women make love

Top 50 Reasons Why Women Have Sex

This info from the Love Doctor's Clinic Will surely be at help to those who wants to uncover the secrets to why women want or have sex.....I hope this helps! Love Doctor is quiet Busy nowadays, but don't worry we will be in posting mode soon!

When drinking or drugging one has sex, uses sex and does sex for various OK or not so OK reasons.

Recovery from alcoholism/addiction increases sexuality and desire.

This list can help you decide why you had sex, and why you may have sex in the future. A key question is ‘Will the reason I’m having sex enhance my serenity - sobriety?’ Or, ‘Will I be disturbed by this action?’.

This study is very important to modern society. This is especially so since the sexual revolution opened peoples minds to a broader range of sexuality and sexual expression.

The study;

Historically, the reasons people have sex have been assumed to be few in number and simple in nature-

  • to reproduce,
  • to experience pleasure, or
  • to relieve sexual tension.

Several theoretical perspectives suggest that motives for engaging in sexual intercourse may be larger in number and psychologically complex in nature. Our first study used a procedure that identified 237 expressed reasons for having sex.

Here are the top 50 reasons women have sex;

  • I was attracted to the person
  • I wanted to experience the physical pleasure
  • It feels good
  • I wanted to show my affection to the person
  • I wanted to express my love for the person
  • I was sexually aroused and wanted the release
  • I was ‘‘horny’’
  • It’s fun
  • I realized I was in love
  • I was ‘‘in the heat of the moment’’
  • I wanted to please my partner
  • I desired emotional closeness (i.e., intimacy)
  • I wanted the pure pleasure
  • I wanted to achieve an orgasm
  • It’s exciting, adventurous
  • I wanted to feel connected to the person
  • The person’s physical appearance turned me on
  • It was a romantic setting
  • The person really desired me
  • The person made me feel sexy
  • The person caressed me
  • It seemed like the natural next step in my relationship
  • I wanted to become one with another person
  • It just happened
  • I wanted to increase the emotional bond by having sex
  • I wanted the experience
  • I wanted the adventure/excitement
  • The person had an attractive face
  • The person was a good kisser
  • I wanted to intensify my relationship
  • My hormones were out of control
  • I wanted to try out new sexual techniques or positions
  • I wanted to feel loved
  • The person had a desirable body
  • I wanted to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or special occasion
  • I wanted to communicate at a ‘‘deeper’’ level
  • I was curious about sex
  • It was a special occasion
  • The person was intelligent
  • I wanted to say ‘‘I’ve missed you’’
  • I wanted to keep my partner satisfied
  • I got ‘‘carried away’’
  • The opportunity presented itself
  • The person had a great sense of humor
  • I wanted to improve my sexual skills
  • I was curious about my sexual abilities
  • The person seemed self-confident
  • I wanted to make up after a fight
  • I was drunk
  • I was turned on by the sexual conversation

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to Handle Guys Hitting on your Girl!

5 ways to handle Guys hitting on your girl

by http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/2170560/18660518

Handy Dandy tips I found which can be beneficial to the Real Love Doctors Clinic

If your are one of the many lucky men that has a girlfriend or wife that attracts a lot of attention from your male peers, you know how annoying those peers can be. Especially when you leave to go to the bathroom or she leaves your immediate side, these guys swarm in like bees to honey. For some guys this represents reason to stay out the bar or club scene with you girl but there are ways to handle these situations and have a little fun in the process. The most important thing is never let this rattle you, despite your possible insecurities always keep your cool as odds are she came with you and she is leaving with you and if not you're better off without her.

1. Let's say a guy is at the bar attempting to buy her a drink, if she is a respectable girlfriend she will not accept his offer. Just hang back a second while he gets rejected, then move in on your girl opposite side and pretend you don't know her, tell her how beautiful she is and offer to buy her a drink. She of course will accept and the heckler on the other side should slump off in defeat.

2. This same application can be used when a guy asks you lady to dance, again she will reject him and again you swoop in as if you don't know her and grab her hand and ask her if she wants to dance. Again you win and the heckler has lost, as if he ever had a chance of winning. This too is fun and can be quite erotic if you spice up your approach a little.

3. A bold move is to wait until a guy is trying to pick up your girl and then politely stroll up and say excuse me to both of them and say, young lady you are so beautiful that I had to just come over and see what you taste like, followed immediately by passionately kissing her deeply. She won't resist, and if she does you two got problems. Again the picker upper is defeated and this type of role play is the type of gift that can keep on giving.

4. A smooth move while at the bar, is to position yourself at the end of the bar then send the bartender over to your girl with a drink, while the guy trying to pick her up is talking. The bartender will give her the drink and say compliments of the gentleman at the end of the bar and he would like you to join him. Again, she won't resist and the picker upper will be stunned by the move. This is for those who want to avoid close contact with the heckler, but be careful with this one as it may backfire if your are to far away or if your lady has poor eyesight.

5. A final crushing maneuver is to walk while the guy is trying to pick up your girl and say excuse me, I have been thinking about you all night long, let dip outta here back to my place. She won't resist and you don't have to leave right away, but for any would be pick up artist this is a severe ego blow.

These are just a few of my tactics, each of which can modified and spiced up, the main thing is to be bold and smooth, women love the role play and the confidence. If you are too busy worrying about what this guy might do if attempt one of these moves then it is probably best you stay home until you build up some gonads. In addition, having a woman that is desirable to other men is a good thing, trust me.

Tactics may not apply to women pick up artists, again if your woman is desirable to men and women this too is a good thing!!!

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lately i learned that her family is planning to marry her to a guy with their same race

Good day everyone,

Another segment for the Real love doctor on real love,life and relationships 101. Today I will focus my time on someone who calls himself ZERO. He got this big problem on his love life and things are looking pretty bleak as of late. let's read as the love clinic opens once again


Dear Love Doctor,

I like this girl, and we have been dating for such a long time now. Lately i learned that her family is planning to marry her to a guy with their same race, i know i might be out of place and all but the girl confides to me that she won't marry off with the guy, help me i'm confuse.

confuse, zero


The issue of racism and closely tied family friends circle has haunted people for generations and generations more to come. If the girls family has somehow made up their mind to have their daughter wed to the guy of their choice, then you my poor guy have a little thing to do left. I am not telling you to forcibly ran away with the girl as that will just worsen things, but in my experienced, that is probably the closest thing you can ever do to a hell bent parents of such close minded culture.

For one if we try and go by the books, I will simply say to you, okay go their house, present yourself and show them how you can be the fitting man for their daughter by simply selling out the best in you! And back this up by being the real man that you claimed to be. But that is simply not the case, as I say drastic times requires drastic measures.

I think you need to do the latter thing I suggested....

Till then as busy as always, the Real Love Doctor's Clinic is still open for your letters! Good day, Love doctor out

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chris Rock on Relationships LOL

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Blinded by love, Fooled by trust and devastated by lie.~KC's Love Story

Today we will be reading a sad but true LOVE story from our real love doctor's clinic avid fan and reader KC, I will post my comment on this one soon, for now let us all sit back and relax as We read on a tragic Love Story

Blinded by love, Fooled by trust and devastated by lie.

It was the last day of class before the Christmas break starts five years ago. Not much to do at school that day so me and my college buddies decided to go to the Mall. After a tiring mall tour my pals decided to head back to school play computer games at some rentals. We’re kinna board so we agreed on chatting to find some girl for fun. So chat, chat, chat until I hit a girl named “chrissie” she’s from the province. So I got her number so the communicating starts till we became “we”. Having a long distance relationship is very hard but we were able to surpass its difficulty. From time to time her family visits our city on a work related or a family trip and whenever opportunity comes we spend time together. After she graduated from college she went to the city to work. We meet almost everyday had a lot of fun and love, and everything is so perfect, she is everything to me. We talked about our future, our plans, getting married, having a baby, house, cars, business etc. But every relationship have its up and downs, we manage to get through it. Until the time came to the point that there is no more spark anymore.

I thought that starting over again could bring the spark of love back. June this year, 5 days before our Monthsary I decided to broke up with her. My plan was to broke up with her then come back to her a day before our Monthsary. But to my surprise, when I texted her the day before our Monthsary she told me that she already have a “guy”. My whole world fucking collapsed. My dreams are shattered. Could not believe a shit. She told me that the day after I broke they became them. She told me that the guy was a former officemate of her officemates right now. He was introduced to her at a group gimmick by her close officemates whom btw im friends with. Together with her officemate they hang out 3 times in a gimmick.

Then the pieces of the puzzle came to me. As far as I can remember, there is one time that she told me that she now going home (which she doesn’t usually do.) The next day when I came to their office I browse her camera and saw a picture of a guy close to her with his hands almost around her shoulder. So I ask her who that guy is, she told me that it’s a friend of her officemate and about to leave the country 2 months. And one of her officemates slipped saying that they were at a gimmick yesterday. Fully trusting her, I just let it off. But it was a mistake.

Our five years relationship was erased by one day. She told me that the day after we broke up the guy called her officemate about some stuff and she contacted the guy because she was so desperate. Later that evening they met and that’s the time that they became them. And I figured out that the 2 months that she’s talking about the leaving the country is actually 2 years for the guy is currently in his second course as a nursing. He’s graduating this school year and he’ll have to take the board for another year. That makes it 2 years before going in to abroad.

Weeks passed and I am so down, could not believe that a nice girl like her could do such things. She told me that im so confident that I think she can’t find another man but what I told her was I’m not confident, I just trust her. So much trust in her that she does the things that she doesn’t want me to do. And look what I’ve got in return.

I was affected by this big time. As in big time! I thought she’s the one and I want her to be the one. But it all turns out to be that we have to go separate ways.
I was blinded by love, fooled by trust and devastated by lie.

Although it brings a lot of pain to me, I guess it’s a blessing in disguised. I don’t know how long she will “hide/cheat/lie” if I didn’t broke up with her. Well at least now I’m doing things I wasn’t able to do when we were together. I guess what happened to me will just be charged to my experience. And the next time ill have another relationship, I know what to do. Learn from the past and move forward.

Trials makes you strong, mistakes makes you correct what is wrong. ...And life goes on.


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