Friday, September 28, 2007

Am I a bachelor at the Age of 28?

Hello my avid readers!

Welcome back for an Update on The Real Love Doctor On Real Love, Life and Relationships 101

Sorry for the delay in posting as I have been busy lately for my new JOB! Yes the Real Love Doctor is also having side-jobs on the mend to provide for the family. ^_^

When I was gone for a good 2 weeks The Love Doctor's Clinic is overwhelmed with only 3 mails? ONLY 3 mails!??? Come on guys keep those mails coming please!

For Now I got a guy who at a young age consider himself a bachelor! Read on his letter and my prescription to his Love Problems afterwards.

" Dear Doctor or shall I say Real Love Doc

good day to you sir, My name's Rigor Mortiz not a real name but kinda sort of a screen name i use in the blogosphere hehehe, and this may sound absurd to you but i think i iwll be going to be a bachelor soon, my age at the moment is 28, i dont have a gf and for a long while already about 2 years since my last girl friend and i am scared because all of my friends are married, please help me how to find a wife

with good regards avid reader Rigor Mortiz

Hello there to you Mr. Rigor Mortiz, I must say what a catchy name to have in the blogosphere eh?
Mr. Mortiz at your age of 28 years, I don't think you are a bachelor, Most westerners at this time may either be enjoying the prime years of their life by going to bars and enjoying on hitting as many cute women as they like without the "tying the knot" case in their mind. Most western culture men marry at the age of 30-40 years old and some say they even feel their sexiest and most productive years of their life at the age of 32! So with these stats I'm only guessing you are an Asian right? In Asia Most men Marry at the tender [I say Tender because of my love of red meat! LOL] age of 22-26, and many men are felt left out when they reach 30 if they are not yet married, most especially in South East Asia. If you really feel lonely at times and really have the urge to have a family ASAP then follow my tips on my previous post and discussions and I will provide you with a good head start on where to find a unique and loyal wife! By your age level WOMEN are out numbering MEN by a ratio of 10:1 and available and still single! So the odds are on your side, what you only need is to find that near perfect woman, but how?

having dinner at the love doctor's clinic

WHERE TO FIND THOSE LOVING, CARING and LOYAL WIFE [in short a n almost perfect partner]

1. You have to at least know her! -old long lost beautiful neighbors- will probably do the trick here, look back or look up your old long lost neighbors that your feel attracted to long ago but never get the chance to have a romantic relationship with. These way you already know her ways and lifestyle and previously living beside houses together give you a good preview to what kind of woman she is. So choose wisely and seek those that are still available

2. You have to at least know her! again -old long lost beautiful classmates- yep those pretty classmates and pretty girls in your school which you happen to know by default but never get the chance to be romantically involve with, these time you get a pretty clear view on what kind of women these girls are so you can choose which one will suit you, Find the ones you like, hit the phone and try to search using your old buddies and do your magic.

3. You have to at least know her! again again -old long lost beautiful officemates- another good start of finding a good wife is to look for again of your long lost office mates which you set your eyes on, go ahead go back to that old work place and ask around the previous people that you know there to have an info to where this girl is now

4. And lastly Family advertisements! -yep it may sound funny but a family member form a not so distant stem of your family might just have someone in mind for you to date, or they might at least show an ad of your personality and type to one of their friends, pursue this kind of getting to know, when it comes from the family preference, usually it means a good thing!

There you have it, coupled with a great self confidence and a hefty time of searching you will soon be dating again in no time! And better yet with women that you are familiar of and with the same age range you have better your odds in finding a real nice partner for life. Good luck to you and Happy hunting!

The real love doctor signing out of the love clinic. till next time.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Seduction Tips #4 Use your sense of touch! The Real Love Doc recommends

Seduction Tips #4 Use your sense of touch! The Real Love Doc recommends

Hello once again dear readers, another update in our seduction tips section of The Real love Doctor's clinic. For today we will discuss the fourth seduction tip for men and women. That is to use the sense of touch as a weapon of seduction!

Read on how to use one of the basic overall senses of the human body, the sense of touch, to work in our favour.

In the previous seduction tips, we have talked about how to start a conversation and even the right timing to get her contact details, once the topics are flowing and both of you have well engaged in deep chat for around more or less than 5 minutes, it's time to use this special technique that some of us has learned to master. No we won't use the "touchy" feel thing nor do we need to cope a feel, some simple steps will do to get her interest aroused and make her feel that you are really into her.

real love doc
be compose all the time

Tap on the shoulder

When the chance arises, don't shy out in placing the palm on your hands directly above her shoulder blades, doing so gives her the feeling of belongingness and just making the atmosphere friendlier. Smile and calmly tap her shoulders once in a while and doing it once in every ten to fifteen minutes will do.

Pressing or lifting her elbows

This technique works well when the girl is holding on to her glass or drinks, when it appears that she is the one making more of the conversation and the time comes when it's your turn to talk, leverage her arms by holding on the tip of her elbows and slightly raising it, this will cause her to feel a little closeness between the two of you.

Holding her hands

When in guiding her to stand from a seat or better yet to help her out when taking steps, it's best to hold her hand and gently use your strength to keep her balance, her palms have most of the nerve endings of her body, so when she'll grab your warm hand, she will feel ease and security!

Guiding her lower back

Same as holding her hands, another closer approach can be guiding her lower back while taking steps, dancing or best while walking to some minor obstacles like ledges, small hallways, leaving doors or a puddle of water. This technique will not only boost your gentleman points but will make you the REAL MAN in shining armor for her, just don't over do it and act over excited, remember be calm and keep it cool!

The last and most important seduction techniques involving the sense of touch is playing, fixing and stroking her hair

I usually do this when we are both comfy on our chairs and sitting close together, I start while she is leaning forward and slowly play with the arch of the back of her head, trying to feel her long hair [or short hair], then after a few minutes I'll make an effort to brush it aside and fix it along her ears when the wind blows it away to reveal her face. Do this while smiling a little and looking straight at her eyes. This move will surely signal the girl that you are so into her! No situation can be the same, but if you master this technique it will work wonders for you!

There you have it folks, seduction tips for men today, and next time I will include women's seduction tips on men because I have received a couple of mails from women who also want to seduce men! Yeah women need advices from the Real Love Doctor too!

Till then the Real Love Doctor is signing out! Peace and Good blessings!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why Women Don't Like Porn and other Men's Stuff that men like!

Why Women Don't Like Porn and other Men's Stuff that men like!

For today, Let us focus more on the funny side of life and not strain our backs on being a "womenizer" for just a short while, still as I have been saying since the past keep them letters pilling up please, the real love doctor will surely not hesitate to post some of your letters if it fits the Life, love and relationships topics. Good day.

I received a funny letter from a dear reader and I must say most of his thoughts about women is almost near perfectly true! Many thanks miss Genevieve for this funny yet humorous side of women in general.

real love doctor
why girls why?

Why Women Don't Like Porn

What you have to understand is that the average woman thinks that she is the only woman in the world who has a vagina. Not that they seriously think that, but it's a fantasy they all have. It's like being the only one to own a certain dress, or a certain pair of shoes. Seeing clear, irrefutable evidence that another woman has one that works perfectly well is a tremendous blow to the ego.

Why women don't like sports

Because it is competitive, and women being insecure about their own ability to compete physically (and rightly so), have a problem with even the idea of athletic competition. They condescend to pretending to like sports because guys like it, and a chick who likes sports is seems stronger amd more appealing.

Why Women don't like anal sex

Because everybody has an anus, which kind of removes them from being the sole porperty of the female sex. It doesn't make them feel feminine and sexy. Also they know that men will be grossed out afterwards and won't want to cuddle with them.

Why Women Don't Like Action Movies

The same reasons as sports, basically. Action movies involve competition that surrounds physical strength and skill, areas in which the femal sex is often lacking.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Love Doctor, How many women have you dated?

Dear Love Doctor, How many women have you dated?

Today we will read a westerner comment on the real love doctor. It's funny how many odd letters I Get lately ranging from how to pick up women and how to score with them, even into how to seduce married men, but please all my efforts here folks are focus on finding you a healthy relationship, love and a happy life. So please do control the parental guidance value of your letters.

real love doctor
take the doctor's advice!

Now to our segment- Ask the Real Love Doctor and the Real Love Doctor Answers!

Dear Love Doctor,

Hello good day doc, been an avid fan now for a month. Just want to know if how many women have you approached and dated using your strategies, and are you for real? yeah i find it here funny. LOL

brent, Florida USA

Hello brent, it's been a while since your love doctor have returned from a family trip to the outskirts of town. The busy life has left me posting on this blog only twice last week. Anyways to answer your inquiries I will go straight to the point. Yep I have approached countless women in my lifetime, and I must say the early years were a little bit distressing as the young love doctor is still struggling with his self confidence, it takes years to master the art of being the "MAN". Not long as since 5 years ago, I have found that I have connected with a lot of women on a casual basis. I dated easily and grab their attention with the skills I am trying to promote to you guys.

The women I have dated ranges from the students in colleges to the executives of firms and even to the denim sales lady. I must admit that I have a pretty liking to the women in the sales department, especially the pants section.

You know it takes time to master stuffs about approaching women, and I cannot guarantee a 100 percent success rate, but this I can assure you that if you follow closely my prescriptions, then you will have the better chance of let's say 90% and above to finding a real happy relationships.

Keep the letters pouring in okay?

Thanks you very much, see you in a day or two

Real love doctor out.


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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Getting her phone Number, Email or anything to keep you 2 in touch! Love Advice #3 Evaluate when to make a move!

Getting her phone Number, Email or anything to keep you 2 in touch! Love Advice #3 Evaluate when to make a move!

Hello once again, avid readers of my site, for today a great topic for seduction tips number 3. It's a topic about Getting her phone Number, Email or anything to keep you 2 in touch! From my previous prescriptions, I have always said that self promotion and marketing comes first in attracting the opposite sex, just like a giant bill board, if you can't have the girls noticed you the first time around then you already lose the potential mate or partner which you could be in a relationship with. Our next seduction tips get's you into a mood in approaching her, making a small chatter and a few feel good conversation, it was centered into making her comfortable with you. So it will be appropriate that our next tip is to have her contact infos so maybe you can invite her for a snack, dinner or whatever date that suits your taste.

So before you go jump around and start celebrating and shouting "yes the real love doctor will finally reveal to me secrets of getting the girl's number!"

the real love doctor
chance of a lifetime?
Asking a woman for a date, for her phone number, or for her email address is always risky. You are having a hard time figuring out how big a risk you must take, and how quickly you must take it. Because you can't tell how much you should risk and how quickly you should risk it, you miss important opportunities.

When you interact with women, you need to keep a closer eye on just how urgent the situation is. Every man has had a wonderful woman walk out of his life forever because he wasn't conscious of how urgent it was to take a risk with her right then. Men have also blown it by risking too fast with women, and scaring them off. Understanding the three time frames of an interaction with a woman will help keep that from happening to you again.

1. You only have a few minutes: In this situation you only have a few minutes (or a few seconds, even) to make contact. You are on the train, or you are in line, and this is your one and only chance. You are in line with a woman, you say hi to her, and it leads to a conversation, you have to get her number or email address right then. If you blow it, she is going to be literally gone. In this situation you have to cut to the chase quickly. You have to risk a lot to get her phone number or email address, or it's all over.

2. You have a few hours. This is a situation like an all-day seminar, a party, or a work-related activity, where you know she is going to be around for a little while. You can risk with her over time. You don't have to risk it all right away--you can afford to wait, and to take small risks with her over a few hours, rather than having to take a really big risk all at once.

3. You can reliably have interactions over days, weeks, or more. This is the waitress you can go back and see over and over, or the woman in your Aerobics class who always works out at 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can risk much more slowly with these women, and build a connection over time, because you know you will see them again and again.

real love doctor
handle it like a man!
The power about knowing about these three time frames is that it gives you the power of knowing how much you have to risk, and how quickly you have to risk it. It gives you a "reality-check" about what you absolutely must do next if you want the woman. If you are putting gasoline into your car, and the woman next to you is attractive and you want to talk to her, then you had better risk a lot right then, because she is about to disappear from your life. On the other hand, if that same woman shows up at an eight-week class you are taking, you don't have to risk big right away by going for her phone number or email address. You can risk big if you want, but you can also take smaller risks, and seduce her over time.

You can also look at this like it is a "risk spectrum." You have to take more risk when you ask for the number of a woman you are in line with than you risk in getting her number over time, like when you see her twice a week in your aerobics class, for instance.

Hopefully this will help you evaluate your situation, and take appropriate action!

So for our next Love and Seduction tips we will tackle the next tip, CALLING HER or CONTACTING HER.

till then hope you enjoyed!


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Saturday, September 1, 2007

A love story to share - To all the girls I loved Before!

A love story to share - To all the girls I loved Before!

Good day avid readers and my small but loyal fan base for the Real Love Doctor Site! Today we will tackle on something different, we will read a letter from an avid fan with the name of DEATH ZERO. He will be sharing a short story for today about his past love life, the girls he knew and loved before and all the relationships to be that just didn't happen. I enjoyed reading it and it's a bit bunchy but if you have time it will be worth a while to read.

You too can participate in the sharing or asking of questions regarding love, life and relationships, so email me or write a comment and be heard by our loyal fan base here in
the Real Love Doctor's Clinic.

Here is his letter.

ei guys wanna share some of my on-going story and i hope the DOC post it in the BLOG and give some comments so that other bloggers and viewers may learn a lesson..

To The Moon And Back (and confuse a bit)
by: deathzero23

real love doctor quarrel
puppy love is not true love

I know i've been in love before and again..Yeah, I had my first serious relationship wayback at 3rd Year highschool and we started as best friends..A good foundation to start. And a good pattern developed into love. Yeah all are first times, like the first time i admit my true feelings in the face of the girl, prove my cleanest intentions, talked to her parents, first date, first kiss (yeah everykind of kisses hehehe), first touch, first score, etc. you named it, it's all there. But things got sour after highschool days..Yeah college days are crucial in terms of handling precious time.

I know at first before we pledge our love together (ahem i remember Edgar Mortiz' classic song My Pledge of Love Cannot be Broken LOL!) that we have this one difference. RELIGION. She's a catholic-convert-to-born again and I'm a pure Catholic. I know it will be a future problem but i neglected it just to have a serious Relationship. Then I paid the price, I lost her. But still i thank GOD for it. I thank God for making RELIGION is the cause of our break-up and not some 3rd party which is very painful. And i walked and wandered around soul-searching. Till i found this cute girl...

Yeah we've met in the university and we're classmates. College days. We have so many similaraties from A to Z. Yeah same pattern happened, Best friends turn lovers. The catch is By that time that we were friends, she have a BF but i'm at the right time since their relationship is starting to fall apart. I'm there to catch her fall. And completed her life...I think.

Since she transfered to other school then she got her first failing grade (yeah she's a genius student and tasted her first defeat), She got very busy and busy and busy. Her craving to get back at the top caused our nearing break-up...Adding to my INJURY she got a guy..yeah 3rd party which i didn't expect. She didn't told beforehand about this guy. She hid it from me. And just waited for me to find out for myself..I never really expect such kind girl to turned like that...and i hate what she did...she tried approaching me several times but i neglected it everytime. My reason? it's simple, the DAMAGE has been done so what to explain and to expect? nothing....And she got tired chasing me from e-mail, SMS and Friendster.

After that i made a hiatus from having serious relationships almost 4 years i think...i concentrated on studying hard...Still i thank GOD for this reason of our break-up happen earlier before i got enrolled in my thesis subject. Imagine the HUGE DAMAGE if the break-up happen during my thesis. It will be more than hell to suffer...right?

yeah i got graduated and got a job, still single and enjoying life, like spend money on stuffs, eat and drink, play videogames, enjoying my liberty. but something happened, i've met a girl.....

I know i've been in love before. I know how it feels from being loved, to be in love and being left and hurt...I'm not saying i love this new girl. We're having constant communication thru SMS, we see each other if time permits us. I can say that I LIKE HER. She's cute, kind, deep, thoughful, etc. although she believes in paranormals and tarrot cards and may some of you called it weird but hey i can still ride on it. But.... She's very career-driven girl. She's a Dean's Lister in college, want to earn big bucks early, taking a review school after work, and probably take board exams in January next year.

I'm in all total support for her. everytime she feels tired from such multi-tasking activities, having pressure problems and stuffs, I'm there to make her smile, feel happy, laugh, inspired and make her spirits up. And she's very thankful about it. Thankful to the point that she feels guilty for taking up my time just to be with her. But i told her not to worry and it's fine for me and it's true.

real quarrel in real love
avoid conflicts with her family to avoid this!^^^^^

She's a Fil-Chinese and i know such cultural differences may clash. Not to her but her parents. She's a Fil-Chinese alright but she's more of 80% PINOY in her attitude so no problem. But her parents is what bothers me. I know i've been there before but what is happening to me?

I always say to myself that i like her time and time again. But Is it the truth or am I just being CAUTIOUS due to my past heartaches? Again I've been there Before but i feel something is different within me.

Up to now, we still talked and cherish every conversation we have. And if I managed to have a date with her, I always make it a special moment never to forget for her. I'm stopping the story for now since i have nothing to add...I hope the readers never got tired reading this and i hope some of you learned a lesson at least a bit.

Whaddya Say DOC MAC?"


As all can see, I will never ever edit your letters, so what ever came to my mail box, I will post it as is.

To Death Zero, thanks for this very informative and funny side of your life and love relationships. I will be monitoring your stories as always and will provide tips for you to make you more appealing to the women that you like, for now your story is nice and it showed me your nice strong character to move on from one failed relationships by making your chin-up and face the world. That is truly a manly character for you!

Good day, love doctor out for the day!

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