Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Real Love Doctor How To's

How Everything Here Works?

Once Again Good Day everyone,

The Love Doctor will provide instructions today on how our lovely little site works, how to help me promote it to grab user attention and how to get something out of it for free. Yep no fees, the wealth of information around here is already paid to you by our sponsors, and no collection of whatsoever nature will occur. So joining in our discussions, reading and distributing articles and blog post here is totally free for you to do. I can only ask a favor, bring a friend in here by promoting the site, be it in forums, or chats, links, or emails or by word of mouth is up to you. But I still believe in FREEDOM, and if you don't like to promote the love doc then it's still fine by me.
love doctor checking
To start we shall know our schedule of postings.
I am a busy man but I will surely try to keep this site up and running for a minimum of twice a week and a maximum of five times a week.
So thats a 2x-3x the average post per week, depends on how the letters and queries from our audience comes in. This will be our early tentative schedule for the months to come, any revisions will be announce as soon as things come up.

1.Ask Dr. Mac/Ask the Love Doctor segment---Every Mondays and Fridays
description = letters address to the doc will be evaluated and queued and answered on the said schedule

2.The Doctor is In-------------Every Saturday
description = health issues and tips from specialists regarding diseases cause by life, love and relationships. Nutritional tips to avoid stress and make your love life better

3.Advices and Tips------------Every Wednesday and Sunday
description = General advices and tips on broad topics from Life, Love and Relationships

4.Stories and Love Experiences--Every Sunday
description = Once in a while the love doctor will share his life stories or He might share stories from our visitors and readers and we will openly discuss them during this time

5.Site Issues and Topics--------Every Tuesday
description = Site topics and general info like this one will be tackled every Tuesdays only

love doctor mac

As you can see everyday of the week is featured but the good doctor can and will only take 2-3 task per week on average, so some segments will be alternated to the following week.

To help support this site, there can be many ways. The most effective can be the LINK EXCHANGE, or advertising the Love Doctor site as a link from emails, websites, forums etc. the site link is


If you want a backlink to you since you help promote this site then feel free to email me my email is

And lastly a good promotion can't be help without the word of mouth. Tell everybody you knew that can benefit of this lovely site, either by calling, texting, email or chat or even your friends in a forum. Advertise us everytime you comment on any related sites so people there can visit us here too. The more the clinic is promoted, the more peeps we can have as part of our discussions.

Again, thanks for your time and dedication to be part of all of this.

Love Doctor Coolmac No P.H.D

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jr. said...

Thanks for the advice Doc.

I really like it specially the 5 tips.

Better practice my skills.

Till next time.

mahal said...

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mahal said...

i would like to link exchange with the way my site name is
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best regards,