Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Real Love Doctor Talks about planning your Valentine Date

The Real Love Doctor Talks about planning your Valentine Date

The Real Love Doctor Welcomes you all back for another session in our love clinic. Last time around we talked about how to effectively write an effective love letter for both man and woman, and boy follow emails poured in like crazy, okay well just about two mails. Hehe. They were all asking for the same thing though, one big question when valentines is just around the corner in just a couple of more weeks to be exact, they were asking how to have a perfect valentines date. Well that is just what the real love doctor Mac is all about. I am here as your friendly neighborhood Love Doctor and I will give out the best advices for you to make your partner happy, and make your very own experience in this year's valentine a successful and memorable one.

Valentine Dating for Couples Love doctor

Steps to take to prepare for a valentine date:

1. Plan ahead

Be it with months time preparation or now that it's just a couple of weeks ahead, Valentines needs a rough draft or a few imagination to go along. Ask yourself these few questions. Will I have a budget to spend when the date comes? What are her favorite restaurants? Can I afford to take her there? What are my alternatives? Gifts? How many hours will we spend outside? Movies? Something outrageous and out of this world? Will I be going according to her preference? My preference? Compensated preferences?

2. Gifts are Important

As a gentleman make it always a great hobby to offer your woman or woman to be gifts, women are suckers for gifts and usually feel special when you hand this stuff to them. Make the gift something she can use often, that way she can remember you every time she use your gift. Well think of something fast now.

3. Make Reservations

Always make it a habit to scout your place to hang out with, if good take the contact numbers of that place and call up weeks prior to the Valentine Event. This way you can avoid rush ups and competition with other couples dating during the same time of the holiday.

4. I go for a letter rather than flowers, but girls have a world different than our own

In other words, be unique. Uniqueness earns points to a girls heart, if chocolates are her craze give only a few, a simple flower and not a bouquet can be romantic, but bear in mind that a million men out there also will buy flowers, do you want to be with the majority too? Originality will bring out the best of you.

5. Lastly, treat her well and make her a princess even for the day only

Give in to her wishes and make this day special to her and for you to. If you got this mind set right from the start then I can guarantee you that you will have one of the most special day ever.

Have a blast the both of you, and I will be writing a few articles still before Valentines, So make plans now, write them up to make you remember them and start saving for that day, In my count valentines day prices are always bloated up to take advantage of couples celebrating the said event, so take this 5 steps for a successful and wonderful day.

Till next time, The Real Love doctor signing out of the love clinic. Feel free to mail me all your love problems and love inquiries on our new email ad

Till next time Love Doctor is out

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