Saturday, September 1, 2007

A love story to share - To all the girls I loved Before!

A love story to share - To all the girls I loved Before!

Good day avid readers and my small but loyal fan base for the Real Love Doctor Site! Today we will tackle on something different, we will read a letter from an avid fan with the name of DEATH ZERO. He will be sharing a short story for today about his past love life, the girls he knew and loved before and all the relationships to be that just didn't happen. I enjoyed reading it and it's a bit bunchy but if you have time it will be worth a while to read.

You too can participate in the sharing or asking of questions regarding love, life and relationships, so email me or write a comment and be heard by our loyal fan base here in
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Here is his letter.

ei guys wanna share some of my on-going story and i hope the DOC post it in the BLOG and give some comments so that other bloggers and viewers may learn a lesson..

To The Moon And Back (and confuse a bit)
by: deathzero23

real love doctor quarrel
puppy love is not true love

I know i've been in love before and again..Yeah, I had my first serious relationship wayback at 3rd Year highschool and we started as best friends..A good foundation to start. And a good pattern developed into love. Yeah all are first times, like the first time i admit my true feelings in the face of the girl, prove my cleanest intentions, talked to her parents, first date, first kiss (yeah everykind of kisses hehehe), first touch, first score, etc. you named it, it's all there. But things got sour after highschool days..Yeah college days are crucial in terms of handling precious time.

I know at first before we pledge our love together (ahem i remember Edgar Mortiz' classic song My Pledge of Love Cannot be Broken LOL!) that we have this one difference. RELIGION. She's a catholic-convert-to-born again and I'm a pure Catholic. I know it will be a future problem but i neglected it just to have a serious Relationship. Then I paid the price, I lost her. But still i thank GOD for it. I thank God for making RELIGION is the cause of our break-up and not some 3rd party which is very painful. And i walked and wandered around soul-searching. Till i found this cute girl...

Yeah we've met in the university and we're classmates. College days. We have so many similaraties from A to Z. Yeah same pattern happened, Best friends turn lovers. The catch is By that time that we were friends, she have a BF but i'm at the right time since their relationship is starting to fall apart. I'm there to catch her fall. And completed her life...I think.

Since she transfered to other school then she got her first failing grade (yeah she's a genius student and tasted her first defeat), She got very busy and busy and busy. Her craving to get back at the top caused our nearing break-up...Adding to my INJURY she got a guy..yeah 3rd party which i didn't expect. She didn't told beforehand about this guy. She hid it from me. And just waited for me to find out for myself..I never really expect such kind girl to turned like that...and i hate what she did...she tried approaching me several times but i neglected it everytime. My reason? it's simple, the DAMAGE has been done so what to explain and to expect? nothing....And she got tired chasing me from e-mail, SMS and Friendster.

After that i made a hiatus from having serious relationships almost 4 years i think...i concentrated on studying hard...Still i thank GOD for this reason of our break-up happen earlier before i got enrolled in my thesis subject. Imagine the HUGE DAMAGE if the break-up happen during my thesis. It will be more than hell to suffer...right?

yeah i got graduated and got a job, still single and enjoying life, like spend money on stuffs, eat and drink, play videogames, enjoying my liberty. but something happened, i've met a girl.....

I know i've been in love before. I know how it feels from being loved, to be in love and being left and hurt...I'm not saying i love this new girl. We're having constant communication thru SMS, we see each other if time permits us. I can say that I LIKE HER. She's cute, kind, deep, thoughful, etc. although she believes in paranormals and tarrot cards and may some of you called it weird but hey i can still ride on it. But.... She's very career-driven girl. She's a Dean's Lister in college, want to earn big bucks early, taking a review school after work, and probably take board exams in January next year.

I'm in all total support for her. everytime she feels tired from such multi-tasking activities, having pressure problems and stuffs, I'm there to make her smile, feel happy, laugh, inspired and make her spirits up. And she's very thankful about it. Thankful to the point that she feels guilty for taking up my time just to be with her. But i told her not to worry and it's fine for me and it's true.

real quarrel in real love
avoid conflicts with her family to avoid this!^^^^^

She's a Fil-Chinese and i know such cultural differences may clash. Not to her but her parents. She's a Fil-Chinese alright but she's more of 80% PINOY in her attitude so no problem. But her parents is what bothers me. I know i've been there before but what is happening to me?

I always say to myself that i like her time and time again. But Is it the truth or am I just being CAUTIOUS due to my past heartaches? Again I've been there Before but i feel something is different within me.

Up to now, we still talked and cherish every conversation we have. And if I managed to have a date with her, I always make it a special moment never to forget for her. I'm stopping the story for now since i have nothing to add...I hope the readers never got tired reading this and i hope some of you learned a lesson at least a bit.

Whaddya Say DOC MAC?"


As all can see, I will never ever edit your letters, so what ever came to my mail box, I will post it as is.

To Death Zero, thanks for this very informative and funny side of your life and love relationships. I will be monitoring your stories as always and will provide tips for you to make you more appealing to the women that you like, for now your story is nice and it showed me your nice strong character to move on from one failed relationships by making your chin-up and face the world. That is truly a manly character for you!

Good day, love doctor out for the day!

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Anonymous said...

Wow nice story. Never did i expect a nice to cheat too. Its really hard to take and think that she was capable of doing it.


rex said...

girls can do that too you know, damn!

Anonymous said...

rex, i agree with you. But never in mind that it could happened to me. Did that happened to you also?

Nice girls who cheats, damn, a wolf in a sheeps form.


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