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Getting her phone Number, Email or anything to keep you 2 in touch! Love Advice #3 Evaluate when to make a move!

Getting her phone Number, Email or anything to keep you 2 in touch! Love Advice #3 Evaluate when to make a move!

Hello once again, avid readers of my site, for today a great topic for seduction tips number 3. It's a topic about Getting her phone Number, Email or anything to keep you 2 in touch! From my previous prescriptions, I have always said that self promotion and marketing comes first in attracting the opposite sex, just like a giant bill board, if you can't have the girls noticed you the first time around then you already lose the potential mate or partner which you could be in a relationship with. Our next seduction tips get's you into a mood in approaching her, making a small chatter and a few feel good conversation, it was centered into making her comfortable with you. So it will be appropriate that our next tip is to have her contact infos so maybe you can invite her for a snack, dinner or whatever date that suits your taste.

So before you go jump around and start celebrating and shouting "yes the real love doctor will finally reveal to me secrets of getting the girl's number!"

the real love doctor
chance of a lifetime?
Asking a woman for a date, for her phone number, or for her email address is always risky. You are having a hard time figuring out how big a risk you must take, and how quickly you must take it. Because you can't tell how much you should risk and how quickly you should risk it, you miss important opportunities.

When you interact with women, you need to keep a closer eye on just how urgent the situation is. Every man has had a wonderful woman walk out of his life forever because he wasn't conscious of how urgent it was to take a risk with her right then. Men have also blown it by risking too fast with women, and scaring them off. Understanding the three time frames of an interaction with a woman will help keep that from happening to you again.

1. You only have a few minutes: In this situation you only have a few minutes (or a few seconds, even) to make contact. You are on the train, or you are in line, and this is your one and only chance. You are in line with a woman, you say hi to her, and it leads to a conversation, you have to get her number or email address right then. If you blow it, she is going to be literally gone. In this situation you have to cut to the chase quickly. You have to risk a lot to get her phone number or email address, or it's all over.

2. You have a few hours. This is a situation like an all-day seminar, a party, or a work-related activity, where you know she is going to be around for a little while. You can risk with her over time. You don't have to risk it all right away--you can afford to wait, and to take small risks with her over a few hours, rather than having to take a really big risk all at once.

3. You can reliably have interactions over days, weeks, or more. This is the waitress you can go back and see over and over, or the woman in your Aerobics class who always works out at 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can risk much more slowly with these women, and build a connection over time, because you know you will see them again and again.

real love doctor
handle it like a man!
The power about knowing about these three time frames is that it gives you the power of knowing how much you have to risk, and how quickly you have to risk it. It gives you a "reality-check" about what you absolutely must do next if you want the woman. If you are putting gasoline into your car, and the woman next to you is attractive and you want to talk to her, then you had better risk a lot right then, because she is about to disappear from your life. On the other hand, if that same woman shows up at an eight-week class you are taking, you don't have to risk big right away by going for her phone number or email address. You can risk big if you want, but you can also take smaller risks, and seduce her over time.

You can also look at this like it is a "risk spectrum." You have to take more risk when you ask for the number of a woman you are in line with than you risk in getting her number over time, like when you see her twice a week in your aerobics class, for instance.

Hopefully this will help you evaluate your situation, and take appropriate action!

So for our next Love and Seduction tips we will tackle the next tip, CALLING HER or CONTACTING HER.

till then hope you enjoyed!


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Anonymous said...

I guess imma make a move on a girl who i see every thursday at church. i saw her twice now and next thursday will be the 3rd.

Wish me luck! thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.