Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to Handle Guys Hitting on your Girl!

5 ways to handle Guys hitting on your girl


Handy Dandy tips I found which can be beneficial to the Real Love Doctors Clinic

If your are one of the many lucky men that has a girlfriend or wife that attracts a lot of attention from your male peers, you know how annoying those peers can be. Especially when you leave to go to the bathroom or she leaves your immediate side, these guys swarm in like bees to honey. For some guys this represents reason to stay out the bar or club scene with you girl but there are ways to handle these situations and have a little fun in the process. The most important thing is never let this rattle you, despite your possible insecurities always keep your cool as odds are she came with you and she is leaving with you and if not you're better off without her.

1. Let's say a guy is at the bar attempting to buy her a drink, if she is a respectable girlfriend she will not accept his offer. Just hang back a second while he gets rejected, then move in on your girl opposite side and pretend you don't know her, tell her how beautiful she is and offer to buy her a drink. She of course will accept and the heckler on the other side should slump off in defeat.

2. This same application can be used when a guy asks you lady to dance, again she will reject him and again you swoop in as if you don't know her and grab her hand and ask her if she wants to dance. Again you win and the heckler has lost, as if he ever had a chance of winning. This too is fun and can be quite erotic if you spice up your approach a little.

3. A bold move is to wait until a guy is trying to pick up your girl and then politely stroll up and say excuse me to both of them and say, young lady you are so beautiful that I had to just come over and see what you taste like, followed immediately by passionately kissing her deeply. She won't resist, and if she does you two got problems. Again the picker upper is defeated and this type of role play is the type of gift that can keep on giving.

4. A smooth move while at the bar, is to position yourself at the end of the bar then send the bartender over to your girl with a drink, while the guy trying to pick her up is talking. The bartender will give her the drink and say compliments of the gentleman at the end of the bar and he would like you to join him. Again, she won't resist and the picker upper will be stunned by the move. This is for those who want to avoid close contact with the heckler, but be careful with this one as it may backfire if your are to far away or if your lady has poor eyesight.

5. A final crushing maneuver is to walk while the guy is trying to pick up your girl and say excuse me, I have been thinking about you all night long, let dip outta here back to my place. She won't resist and you don't have to leave right away, but for any would be pick up artist this is a severe ego blow.

These are just a few of my tactics, each of which can modified and spiced up, the main thing is to be bold and smooth, women love the role play and the confidence. If you are too busy worrying about what this guy might do if attempt one of these moves then it is probably best you stay home until you build up some gonads. In addition, having a woman that is desirable to other men is a good thing, trust me.

Tactics may not apply to women pick up artists, again if your woman is desirable to men and women this too is a good thing!!!

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Anonymous said...

just be careful not to piss off the heckler or you got a problem.. lol


Sharri Ratcliff said...

I have too much fun flirting with my hubby of seven years, but good advice to have fun with your companion while out..just be careful!

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