Friday, October 5, 2007

Blinded by love, Fooled by trust and devastated by lie.~KC's Love Story

Today we will be reading a sad but true LOVE story from our real love doctor's clinic avid fan and reader KC, I will post my comment on this one soon, for now let us all sit back and relax as We read on a tragic Love Story

Blinded by love, Fooled by trust and devastated by lie.

It was the last day of class before the Christmas break starts five years ago. Not much to do at school that day so me and my college buddies decided to go to the Mall. After a tiring mall tour my pals decided to head back to school play computer games at some rentals. We’re kinna board so we agreed on chatting to find some girl for fun. So chat, chat, chat until I hit a girl named “chrissie” she’s from the province. So I got her number so the communicating starts till we became “we”. Having a long distance relationship is very hard but we were able to surpass its difficulty. From time to time her family visits our city on a work related or a family trip and whenever opportunity comes we spend time together. After she graduated from college she went to the city to work. We meet almost everyday had a lot of fun and love, and everything is so perfect, she is everything to me. We talked about our future, our plans, getting married, having a baby, house, cars, business etc. But every relationship have its up and downs, we manage to get through it. Until the time came to the point that there is no more spark anymore.

I thought that starting over again could bring the spark of love back. June this year, 5 days before our Monthsary I decided to broke up with her. My plan was to broke up with her then come back to her a day before our Monthsary. But to my surprise, when I texted her the day before our Monthsary she told me that she already have a “guy”. My whole world fucking collapsed. My dreams are shattered. Could not believe a shit. She told me that the day after I broke they became them. She told me that the guy was a former officemate of her officemates right now. He was introduced to her at a group gimmick by her close officemates whom btw im friends with. Together with her officemate they hang out 3 times in a gimmick.

Then the pieces of the puzzle came to me. As far as I can remember, there is one time that she told me that she now going home (which she doesn’t usually do.) The next day when I came to their office I browse her camera and saw a picture of a guy close to her with his hands almost around her shoulder. So I ask her who that guy is, she told me that it’s a friend of her officemate and about to leave the country 2 months. And one of her officemates slipped saying that they were at a gimmick yesterday. Fully trusting her, I just let it off. But it was a mistake.

Our five years relationship was erased by one day. She told me that the day after we broke up the guy called her officemate about some stuff and she contacted the guy because she was so desperate. Later that evening they met and that’s the time that they became them. And I figured out that the 2 months that she’s talking about the leaving the country is actually 2 years for the guy is currently in his second course as a nursing. He’s graduating this school year and he’ll have to take the board for another year. That makes it 2 years before going in to abroad.

Weeks passed and I am so down, could not believe that a nice girl like her could do such things. She told me that im so confident that I think she can’t find another man but what I told her was I’m not confident, I just trust her. So much trust in her that she does the things that she doesn’t want me to do. And look what I’ve got in return.

I was affected by this big time. As in big time! I thought she’s the one and I want her to be the one. But it all turns out to be that we have to go separate ways.
I was blinded by love, fooled by trust and devastated by lie.

Although it brings a lot of pain to me, I guess it’s a blessing in disguised. I don’t know how long she will “hide/cheat/lie” if I didn’t broke up with her. Well at least now I’m doing things I wasn’t able to do when we were together. I guess what happened to me will just be charged to my experience. And the next time ill have another relationship, I know what to do. Learn from the past and move forward.

Trials makes you strong, mistakes makes you correct what is wrong. ...And life goes on.


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