Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lately i learned that her family is planning to marry her to a guy with their same race

Good day everyone,

Another segment for the Real love doctor on real love,life and relationships 101. Today I will focus my time on someone who calls himself ZERO. He got this big problem on his love life and things are looking pretty bleak as of late. let's read as the love clinic opens once again


Dear Love Doctor,

I like this girl, and we have been dating for such a long time now. Lately i learned that her family is planning to marry her to a guy with their same race, i know i might be out of place and all but the girl confides to me that she won't marry off with the guy, help me i'm confuse.

confuse, zero


The issue of racism and closely tied family friends circle has haunted people for generations and generations more to come. If the girls family has somehow made up their mind to have their daughter wed to the guy of their choice, then you my poor guy have a little thing to do left. I am not telling you to forcibly ran away with the girl as that will just worsen things, but in my experienced, that is probably the closest thing you can ever do to a hell bent parents of such close minded culture.

For one if we try and go by the books, I will simply say to you, okay go their house, present yourself and show them how you can be the fitting man for their daughter by simply selling out the best in you! And back this up by being the real man that you claimed to be. But that is simply not the case, as I say drastic times requires drastic measures.

I think you need to do the latter thing I suggested....

Till then as busy as always, the Real Love Doctor's Clinic is still open for your letters! Good day, Love doctor out

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Anonymous said...

My oh my, that really sucks. Just keep holding on.


Support said...


This article is good and informative.

yours truly,

Nada said...

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