Saturday, November 24, 2007

Best Friend Close Friend causing Love rifts to Lovers

Hello Dear Readers of The Real Love Doctor Clinic. Today we will tackle a life experience of the Real Love doctor himself. so sit back and enjoy reading the post below today!

I have been asked one too many times to somehow share my life experiences around here so people can gaged my being the Real Love Doctor as either fake or somewhat credible enough. I must say I am stumped always and that I don't have a clue where to start talking. One day a girl mailed me and ask why not share an experience about having an opposite-sex close friend. She asks if it is safe or not? She also included that she is in a relationship and that her boyfriend is pissed off sometimes with this guy close friend of hers.

Hello dear love doctor,

can you site some of your experiences regarding 3rd parties or best friends scneario that threatens a relationship? i have a clkose guy friend in which i have been doing sweet things lately and my current boyfriend is so jealous that he orders me not to hang out with my best friend again.

i'll gladly listen to your explaination,

good day doc
love maris

Dear Maris, To answer that question of your regarding third parties and other members of the opposite sex which could be a potential hazard to our current love relationships, I will personally share you one of my experiences about it. Not that I only have one experienced about that situation, I do have a few, but I will only cite the most relevant one that will surely tackle our main concern for the day.

First I really don't believe in GIRL_BOY best friends or close friends relationships, why??? Simple because for me it is considered as a love relationship under control or in other words you both are semi-in love with each other. That's why the jealousy and insecurity of your other behalf regarding your so called "opposite sex" best friend or close friend.

Man and woman cannot be close friends at all. That is my definitive answer. Many times I am close with a girl, we either become kissing friends or any other physical type of attraction occurs. It's best that the closeness must not be that "close" anymore. Do you treat the same sex friends of yours like the opposite sex close friend of yours the same??? Most answers will be probably no. It's because these close/best friends of the opposite sex we have are just as special as the next lover that we may have.

So I guess you are keeping this guy around because you are attracted to him. My advice is if you really want to be happy with your relationship now it's best that you tell your close friend to slowly pull away before anything else developed into some weird and strange feelings.

Till next time the Love Doctor Signing out of the Love Clinic

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Biakuya said...

bestfriends usually become lovers. uhuh!

Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet. Very, very interesting blog.