Wednesday, November 7, 2007

OMGosh Beautiful Girl going into my Pad

Hello dear readers of the Real Love Doctor's Blog, A long absence from the doctor eh?

not to worry even though I'm Busy I still replied to most of your emails dear fans.

and today the clinic once again opens from a dear guy who has a troubling yet funny love letter for us today. read on and be amazed at what is he up to now.

This is the Real Love Doctor coming in and helping out relationship problems.

The letter goes down bellow;

"ei mac,

long time no see in your clinic huh, love doctor lol.anyways i have read and followed some of the steps to date a girl from here, and this comming weekend a very beautiful and cute girl will be going into my place, what shall i do? i'm sacred as hell and i'm a newbie. any tips???


decent guy but semi-kinky"

Hello there decent guy [but semi-kinky] I somewhat find that contradictingly funny, your name and all but first I would like to congratulate you on having a date and with a beautiful girl at that and straight into your pad. A big WOW for your achievement.

Now that you got the girl going to your place here's my advice and tip for you. This are the general 10 when having a woman in your house should be.

1. Since the girl agreed and trust you enough that she's even willing to spend time right there and then in your pad it's a good sign! Why? because she notices you and eventually started to like you and feel comfortable with you, so don't try to destroy that little established trust that you so faithfully earned.

2. Your going to spend a few hours with her so why not plan out what you want to do this week end now! It could either be a movie through top DVD's or a cooking spree and lot's of table talk.

3. If you prefer movies, then decide what to rent. girls are suckers for love related flicks or cute animal flicks. Just don't rent out animated stuffs or you will lose your manly appeal, also avoid slasher or teen bop flicks, they suck dude.

4. Prepare the place, set an atmosphere, clean it a little. Remember Grooming?

5. Put up and air freshener or something nice like scented candles.

6. unto your personality, don't be nervous be spontaneous enough and stay calm as much as possible.

7. Keep the lady entertain and when she allows it she might be touchy in a few hours or so and hugs will be there, but if it won't come don't force it. If you know your law, there is a term called rape.

8. Avoid long void silence, always talk, when watching a movie, comment in every nice scenes and tell stories.

9. Don't come into her too hard, you will regret it, be smooth and relax and she'll reply in a soft way.

10. Smile and act like the king of your place, this boost of confidence knowing you are in your territory will be sexy for the girl.

Well there you have it mate, enjoy the weekend and I hope you will be successful with this one, remember a happy relationships starts with communication and a lot of attention, so in the stage you are now I won't be surprised that anytime soon both you and this girl will be hitched.

Till next time, keep the letters pouring and enjoy the Real Love Doctor Clinic

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Biakuya said...

Good for you indeed that you got a beautiful chick.. treat her nice!! :)

Anonymous said...

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to the article there is even now a question as you did in the go over like a lead balloon a fall in love with efflux of this solicitation fripp ?
I noticed the catch-phrase you suffer with not used. Or you profit by the black methods of promotion of the resource. I suffer with a week and do necheg