Saturday, August 4, 2007

How to attract the opposite sex tip 1 GROOMING

Introduction to GROOMING

How many times does your mother ever told you when you were young to brush your teeth, comb your hair and take a bath? How many times does your school administrator tried to discipline you for your penmanships and project reports to be organized and looking fresh? How many times have you read company policies which states that a certain well groomed dress code is a must in reporting to your office? Countless times isn't it?

Well just like everything else, humans tend to like cleanliness a bit little more than being dirty. Of course there are only an exceptional few who would intentionally make themselves look greasy, yuppie and plain outright dirty, but who would want to be seen with them unless you belong to that social circle! and then there are those who become not well groomed just because of plain NEGLECT or a sickening LAZINESS syndrome. Yes I coined that one didn't I.
Groom your self
not just a bad hair day folks

First let us get to the basics of the human sexual taste, ever since time memorial, when the first humans started to socialize, grooming was already playing a big part of their world. The men would smell the woman they like and if they are attracted they will pursue her. The "Alpha male" usually is the most cunning and dominant and yep, he is well-groomed in the eyes of his lady mates. Onward to the 21st Century and you won't be shocked at how consumer beauty product brands dominate the scene almost anywhere you look! Billboards, T.V. commercials and print media. Everything is there offering stuff that will make you stand out from the rest.

But you don't need all of those consumer products to attract a potential mate or keep your partner smiling at how great you look, it all boils down to what is the norm. What really is the norm? That we will talk about in Grooming part 2 in a couple of days. Sit tight.

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