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How to attract the opposite sex tip 1 GROOMING continued...


Now to continue on our topic of grooming. WE SHOULD start for MEN

Women comes in later in the next updates!
Let me tell you a secret that most women possessed, they judge men at the instant they see you. Yes that's a fact. Ask a woman close to you, like your mother, sister girlfriend or girl friends. The very first thing that majority of women, [why did I say majority? because I want to generalized but not conclude stuff by myself ^_^], do when they see an eye candy of a man is how neat he looks. Secondly she will look at his actions and mannerisms. For now since the first impression states for how neat you look, we shall only focus there.

Most women spend countless hours in front of the mirror to have themselves looking good, don't you think you can be at least hygienic? Shave everyday or 3x a week seems appropriate if you want to save that rugged style [ boy! the Beattles Sgt.Pepper era is long gone back in the 60's] Wash your hair or trim it 4-6 weeks or so, if you want to sport long doo's then make them look presentable, use deodorant's [no need to stress the importance factor here], wash your genitals for crying out loud! [what more can be embarrassing than when mr.hardy makes his grand showing and flies were circling all over him] wait these are just the basics!

More complex stuffs are cut the nails of your hands and feet or if you want em long clean those dirty crap underneath them [women likes to check men's nails when they stare at your hand], make sure your socks and shoes wont smell by applying foot deos on your feet, clean your shoes, press em clothes and wear a clean pair of shirt or underwear everyday [not much for pants since you can wear them twice the minimum ^_^]. Now if you go for those minority looks like a rocker perhaps or an EMO kid, then make sure you have a clean looking face and the look doesn't make you look like a greasy street bum.

DOnt look like them anymore
oh those were the days

Such detail to your self is already a big piece of the pie for women when you start off to make that very first impression of yours. Even if you are not so good looking or just an average Joe, there will be times when your confidence will be boost by feeling clean and [feeling] handsome.

here's a few general tips:

1. GO TO A HAIRSTYLIST: instead of the usual barber, go to a hairstylist often. they make hair doo's customization the best and they always seem to know what they are doing unlike those sleazy barbers who cut and cut all day to copy Hitler's bowl head. the only downside is Saloons and Hairstylist cost more even thrice the price of a simple barber cut, but the rewards will be gold, as a good hair day will surely not keep the chics away!

2. SHAVING: hair and hair growing on places they aren't design to be must be taken off, the more skin you show, the lesser hairs you keep, that's the rule of the thumb. If you don't want to lose that goatie, then trim it to an acceptable level. Pubics are best when trimmed and nicely cut to a few centimeters. As I said, gone are the days of the hippies and John Lennon wannabes, stick to the George Clooney look or the Brad and the Beckhams' as other's want to point out.

3. GLASSES: nerd! well don't be. generally glasses don't look good. isolated cases of cuteness can be achieved but most of the time you will look like a weird science project with a pair of specs, so lose them! wear contacts instead. If you think contacts are pricey, then ask a lady friend or a trendy gay guy to what shape of specs suits your face.

4. DRESS CODE: this is the second most important thing in your look. Go to a fancy club or pub and spy on the newest thing that most guys wear, then make an effort to emulate but be sure to make your self stand out for that individuality feel. If it suits your body and image, buy latest mags and look at what good-looking models wear and ask a woman or a woman at heart if the dress code you styled your self looks good on you. A second-third opinion works best only if they come from the opposite sex, since these are the species you wanna impress!

ABS is better than AB
5. WORKING OUT: if you can, take advantage of making your body have the right curves and lose that AB and have em ABS. these appeals to women more, but hey if you can accept what you see at the mirror when you look at it after shower, then I don't have to force you on working out. Go grab that supersized FastFood Meal and kill your image and your self fatso! Remember being fat is not appealing to women, they may say your cute but they won't sleep with you! And don't be the next Schwarzenegger too, unless you are trying to attract dudes and not dudets =P
Everything in moderation my friend.

6. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY/MIND/SOUL: the most important part of grooming. if you have a disease, have it treated right away with the right stuff and not crappy myths. You can't use a deadly smile if you have lousy teeth and you can't show skin if you have skin problems wont you? also take care of your mind, don't overdue everything, like talking too much, showing too much knowledge unless you're a geek in National Geographic, or stalk some girl. Focus and keep your mind at a healthy state [I don't know, do yoga or have a vacation but always keep in mind to keep that stress level low, eat properly]. Your soul must not rot in hell here on earth, don't be a friggin' war freak, be nice and kind or at least for a few hours in a day. Be nice to children and offer seats to the ederly, when your personality is okay women tend to magnetize straight into you.

clean guykorean clean guy
ever wonder why chics dig these types?
There, those are just general tips on grooming for men, of course there are more to it, but if you have all of those then you can pretty much say you have covered the basics in making it easy to attract or find your potential mate. If you are hard headed and a rebel, oh so you really want things to go your way, then make it in moderation and don't go to extremes which can make you a deviant of society.

For your information being in the norm or the accepted is a start for you. That's why it's called normal and accepted because people generally like it or are pleased with it. So if you tend to sway a bit to the left or right, just tone it down to an acceptable firewall level.

Next grooming for women.... SOON

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