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For Women Love Tips Number 1

A few Good Men!

For the Girls, Relationships, Love and Life Tips for Women #1
Places to meet those Mr.Right for me.

Ah You might probably ask why on earth are we looking for Mr. Right when he doesn't actually exist! well not to burst your bubble girl he does exist, but only as "Mr. Right For you!" why as just for you? because there is always a someone for anyone, the only thing we need to do is look for them and not be like those hopeless romantics who wait for their Prince falling down from the sky or sprouting from the ground out of nowhere. Men are territorial creatures, and just like the time of the stone age, Men can be categorized to the places he usually hang out. I will give further details about this stuff on future issues, for now we shall concentrate on where do most of the few Good men hang out!

where could he be?
like a grain of sand, where are the few good men?

Before we jump into the topic of finding the few good men on building relationships or finding love, let me tell you this. As a guy I already know what the entire world is like, and that women outnumbered men, hmmm i don't know the exact figure but last time I check it was like a ratio of men versus women to the numbers of 1:5, which basically means in every one guy there are five women. Nature is a culprit for this because of the chromosomes needed in the DNA to produce a male offspring. During conception, where the mom and the dad share one chromosome each, it takes 2 genes of DNA x to have a male and any other combination like x-y, y-x, y-y will eventually produce a female. No wonder in other countries a son born to a family is accompanied by tremendous celebrations! I think the ratio now tends to worsen since the female species have gays, transsexuals and any other male preference to compete with! No kidding. So there you have some little facts not to get your ass sitting there if you really want a man in your life, go find him and don't let those countless hours you spent in the mirror or millions of bucks for beauty products just go to waste by either finding no man in your life or ending up with Mr. Wrong.

Now where do the few good men hang out? Well to tell you a little known fact is that they don't hang around the Internet! Even though
a million women may claim that they find the man of their dreams online, I doubt it if they have any idea to how many perverts, nerds, over sized lards preying on helpless women are there in the web, I don't even know the figure but with all the bad rep in the news about online dating and online match making the Internet is still not a good place to seek a few good men. To those who got lucky in the Internet, then good for you, the word says it all. LUCKY. Real men who are worthy of your time don't need to sulk up in the Internet for more that 1 an hour a day in the Internet or if work requires even an 8-9 hour shifts on the net, why? cause like TV the Internet takes away his social life. Real men who are ripe for good relationships and love making are everywhere where there is people, these guys are social creatures. A healthy normal guy is a social person. They love to go out and meet people on all walks of life, and not wasting their time in the net, watching porn or doing some stuff many of us don't understand [why do many fall into the traps of Internet addiction? we can only wonder what they are doing in that hell hole!] Yes, real man that could be Mr. Right For You can mostly be found in Social, well beloved and people packed places! if you want to know what are the Places I'm talking about I will give you just a few list soon as I will continue to tell you
about where to seek real men in future post. For now I will suggest a good meeting place!

The Ball Arena!!!

Go where men are!!!
act like a good crowd

It's simple. Men thrives and dies for competition. So in the real world today where can this place of competition be? Well for one is the workplace, but hell no you don't want to seek your Mr.right there! These places can be found in SPORTS ARENA or typical venues where sports are played! It's a fact that real men love sports. There are many types of sports, be it boxing, wrestling, bikes and other physical dangerous stuffs but nothing appeal more to men that BALL SPORTS. Do your research but the top ball sports are these FOUR---BASKETBALL,
BASEBALL, SOCCER and FOOTBALL/RUGBY. So go cheer for your favorite team, bring along a companion, when I say a companion it means only one! Men sometimes tend not to approach a herd of women, so at least a nephew or a close friend will do, best if she's a girl too. Sit somewhere in the general admission area or if you can afford after the ringside seats, then try to look fresh and act naturally. Mostly guys go with their friends too but most of them go with their buddy, so If one of these few good men spot you and you advertise your self right by carrying the right moves and wearing the right clothes for the occasion [casual wear or sporty, no need for expensive dresses in a ball game] then they might just will make a move to get to know you. Also don't wait till half time to buy drinks or food at the stalls, if your Guy stands up and heads for the comfort room then you too should stand up. Just make sure you are always on his radar or just around the vicinity, if he is into you he will do the right move and introduce himself to you. Don't frustrate if it takes you a couple or more games till some guy approaches, everything takes time.

dress sporty
dress sporty!

That's it for today's relationship tips by your love doctor!

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