Friday, August 17, 2007

Gift Ideas #1

Gift Ideas #1

For Relationship and Love Spicer from the Love Doctor himself!

Hello avid readers and good day to all of ya! One thing I noticed from our site is the lack of comments, come on guys move out of the shadows and start talking, I receive about a thousand page views a day from around 60-70 viewers all around the globe yet no one even dare chatters? Well how about those who knew me well to come out and chat the way in the comments box, yes if you happen not to find it , it's way below after each post.

Well I received an email last night, even though it can be categorized as a "Ask the Love Doctor" or a question for me , I decided to just let it slide since the mailer doesn't want to be named and for obvious reasons that her email is just a one liner. Yep our letter sender is a female, I guess my post about the tips on finding a few good men really pays off! She was just asking around and in one short sentence as me if what is it that I think is a good gift idea for her boyfriend, this came after her year long relationship with her current boyfriend, she just about ran out of good ideas. Girl if in a year you have gave your guy about more than a dozen gifts or an average of more than twice a month, then I will tel you frankly that you have over done it, maybe that's why you are just about to ran out of gift ideas to gave to him because you plainly just about gave him everything!

gift giving on real love doctor's site
remember you ain't santa!

This issue of gift giving will be tackled in detailed soon in our upcoming Love and Relationship tips and advices, for now I will just answer the girls' inquiry.

Simple enough there are limitless gifts to give to your loved one and you bet I can't count them all, but the usual chocolates and letters and flowers seems to be redundant right? Then why not go to the extreme! Yes to the extreme! So my gift giving ideas will be extreme in nature and will always focus on the stuff that your lover might not expect at anytime in your relationship, may it be early on or later on.

For starters I assume a one year relationship is somehow long enough for the two lovers to be intimate to each other and the trust should be now flowing, so a trip to another town, city or even another country can be very bonding to both of you! Why not go to your travel agent and inquire about pricing of a certain country [only if you have enough and can afford!], or if better yet you can go check this site and visit ASIA!!! ---> <--- seriously once I slid a travel map of an out of town adventure full with iterenary and to do list on a brown envelope in one of my past girlfriend, to my surprised she looked so shocked and can't stopped kissing me for hours. So the trip happened after months of planning we really go on an adventure in one of the secluded Island of the Philippines, and it was the blast!

So for a gift idea I recommend you do something like what I did before, be creative and do it at your own way, I can only suggest the tips and advice but the implementation and tasks is still in your hands!

Till next time CHOW!!!
the love doctor signing off but i will be waiting for your comments!

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Anonymous said...

I have this airline tickets to Vegas one time tucked in her favorite clothes dresser, man the following trip we made was great! it really boost our relationship love level

Dr.COOLmac NO P.H.D said...

Wow good creative idea for you, see it pays when we do creative stuff to simple things, I am wishing you all the best for you and your girl Mr.anonymous, please be an avid reader of this blog.

good day

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

One of the things that make Christmas special is the spirit of giving. As children we can’t wait for Christmas morning to open presents. We thought in terms of receiving. As adults we think in terms of giving. And hopefully, our unique Christmas gift ideas are gifts of love. Men look for just the right gifts for women. Women usually shop for men, their own children as well as others, and for family and friends. Here are some suggestions to get you started. .

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