Saturday, August 11, 2007

Love Tips:1 for MEN

Love Tips:1 for MEN


Another day in the

Real Doc's Love, Life and Relationships blog

. For today we will be reading about our first ever Love Tips for the record.

Well I don't only have a lot of Love and Relationships tips but I do have a bundle! So to kick off let's take Tip number 1

During the course of the pre-relationship era or if you and your gal are just starting out may it be a couple of months or just a few weeks


Why? Read on!

She might be a golddigger
not only 'em pirates wants a piece of me gold!

As your relationship goes deeper it is normal for a couple to share income woes or budget woes or better yet budget happiness if one of you or both you is financially stable. I've seen couples share a bank account or even take turns in the household expenses, BUT a big BUT! please avoid sharing your networth early on the road.
If you are just dating or you and her are in the early stage of getting to know more each other, please let go of talks about money or your income, you can be the next Bill Gates or damn broke as the next Mike Tyson but really she doesn't have to know yet...
Let the relationship start out with her digging you first and not your goldmine [if ever you have one!]
Buy her stuff she fancy if you're well off, and if you don't overdo them, and she starts to avoid you, the BETTER. When from the start she asks for stuff or she don't like, you and her hanging out in a cheap diner then these are tell tale signs that this chic could be a GOLD DIGGER.

The Good side is when she'll take you for who you are and what you are as a person and not your bank account, it'll be nice if she can split the bill in sometimes but you'll know you're worth more than money right? So if it's still early keep those GREENS in your wallet and don't show off too much.

You'll thank me later.


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