Friday, August 10, 2007

What are they Thinking? Men and Women


For today since we have no Letters pouring in for our Ask Dr.Mac/Ask the love doctor segment, we will just enjoy a good site review and some few laughs about an article I find in that site. This Topic is not way off topic mind you and we are still dead on Love, Life and Relationship Tips from your good Love Doctor!

That site is no other than the quirky blog of some guy in the vicinity of Metro Manila

A Blog about Girls in the Philippines

Here's a few nice pics from his site which I will show here.

The female mind
if you can spot the sex gland then you have great eyes

the men's brain
if you can't find the sex gland then see an eye specialist! NOW

It's a really funny site and shows you the HUMOROUS side of the Philippine folks, or more commonly known as the pinoys!

See you next time. Good day

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Anonymous said...

thats really funny man!

Ade said...

Thanks for the link. :)

Dr.COOLmac NO P.H.D said...

i should say thanks for the pics.LOL anyways you are welcome as always fellow country man